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A Rally Cry… You Can Be Better

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As 2010 winds down and I look towards 2011, I am excited about all the possibilities.  Today isn’t the day that I am going to reflect on the past year (I will do that at some other point), but if you are anything like me, sometimes you feel defeated.  Life is overwhelming and all we can do is catch our breath as another wave of responsibility crashes on top of us. (That might have been my best metaphor I have ever used 🙂  I am actually not sure if it is even a metaphor since grammar stuff isn’t my expertise)

Many times we question our abilities, or lack there of, and it puts us in such a hole, that it seems overwhelming to even climb out of.  The past couple years I have done so much introspective looking on myself and working on myself, that I have convinced myself that I am capable of doing anything I want, even if those around me doubt it.  Sure there are still times that doubt creeps in, but I refuse to let those thoughts take over.

Many times when I begin working with a client, I see more potential and positivity in them than they see in themselves.  I bear the role as their biggest cheerleader as they struggle to believe what they want is possible.  Having trained 1000’s of clients I can tell you that you are physically capable of FAR greater things than you ever imagined.  Don’t look at your past failures, or your lack of self belief.  Instead, live by the mantra, “Give it all you got and do your best.”

Check out this video and please respond to the question below.

I think the best part about this video was when the coach made the guy put on a blindfold.  That represented getting rid of the outside influences that could have affected his abilities to give it his all.  We need to sometimes ignore the advice of our loved ones and friends, or get rid of the memories of past results, or the visions of when you were at your best in the past.  All of these can be a crutch to breaking through to places where you had no idea you could go.  Places that you couldn’t even conceive.

Each of you reading this have a beautiful gift of leadership, and have the ability and responsibility to be the best for your family, friends, coworkers, and strangers.  You are capable of great things.  You have the responsibility to teach others the truth regarding getting healthier, because the last I checked our world is getting sicker and sicker.

What areas in your life haven’t you been giving your best?  What areas do you feel defeated in?  What areas are you committing to giving 100% in?  What in the past year have you given your best with, and what results have come out of it?