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What Is Your Favorite Workout Music Playlist?

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Music has been shown to help many people workout harder and enjoy it more.  There is nothing like putting on your headphones and going to the gym, or outside for a run!  Music has the ability to change our state of mind and change the mood we are in.

I think one of the most difficult things as an instructor is finding music that people like.  There will always be someone who hates that music that is playing or is tired of hearing the same stuff.

I must admit I have about 20 CDs at the moment and when I teach 25 classes/week, the music does get repetitive!

So I came up with an awesome idea!  I need your help by telling me your favorite songs by title and artist (if you know it).

The key to a good CD mix, is having a variety of music from different genres and decades.  So please list as many as you can in the comments section below.  Then I will have my assistants find the music and burn them on to CDs for myself and my trainers.  So new music will be on the way soon! Read More