I cried…

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The past two days have been special for me. I have been meeting with potential clients who have filled out the Fit and Fabulous over 55 application for our new program that we are launching in Madison. There isn’t a program even close to this in the Madison area. I spend 30 minutes chatting with each person and I ask a lot of questions and just listen. Each individual story inspires me, challenges me as a human, and makes me a better person.

Everyone has a story and when we block out all the noise in this crazy world and just listen, it can be amazing. Let me just briefly share with you a few of the people I have met (and will get to work with further since 100% have joined our program now).

There was an amazing woman in her mid 60’s who has been a giver and caretaker most of her life. She works full time at a job that requires her to sit the entire day. She is looking to lose about 90 lbs. Walking more then 100 feet is extremely exhausting and almost unbearable. When she married her second husband a decade ago she gained 50 lbs because of the unhealthy lifestyle he lived. She knows too well the challenges of the environment. For her, some simple exercises and eating changes will radically transform her life and the life of her family.

A spunky husband and wife came in who were in their upper 50’s. The wife was the one to come to see me, and the husband came because he didn’t want the wife accusing him of sabotaging her efforts (I found this funny). She was of a healthy weight, but lacked strength. She ate very well, but didn’t want the aging process to take over quicker then it should. She is also prone to bone density issues. He was moderately active and wanted to keep up his golf game, downhill skiing, and continue to enjoy his retirement. He didn’t eat nearly as healthy as his wife, which I could tell frustrated her. I asked him at the end if he would like to join his wife in this program and he said yes, to the shock of his wife. Moral of the story after 35 years you can still learn something about your spouse, and these two together are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Next was a woman who was soon to turn 60. At one point she was over 300 lbs but has lost over 40 lbs. Her second husband is a quadriplegic who she married about a decade ago. Her story of nurture and selflessness made my eyes water. She has overcome other awful things in her life and is at the point where she is ready to face her past demons head on. She is determined to be strong so that she can continue to serve and take care of her husband and prove to herself that she is capable of anything.

I met another woman who was in her mid 50’s. She had been part of our bootcamps in the past, but wanted something different. Something that was more geared towards her age. She successfully ran a half marathon recently and is in pretty good cardio shape, but her knees are beginning to hurt from all the pounding. She is concerned about her lack of strength, but yet wants to feel and discover the athlete inside of her. She also cares for her adult daughter who has developmental challenges and lives with her and her husband full time. She needs to be physically strong to take care of her.

I took a break from the 55 plus group and met with an inspirational woman in her mid 20’s. She and her boyfriend were both injured a couple years ago doing CrossFit (this is no knock on CF); for the past two years she has battled a bulging disc and gained over 40 lbs. She was a D1 collegiate athlete who is now eager to get back to her former self. She has a good idea what she should be eating, but hasn’t had enough accountability to make it a consistent habit. She will be joining our next Killer Kurve’s session and is probably getting her boyfriend to join as well. Her smile and spirit was incredible.

Another special encounter happened with a single woman in her mid sixties. Her personality and energy were that of a 20 year old. For over 40 years she was a professional dancer and performer. All of that dancing caught up to her joints and she has had a knee replaced, and is in bad need of the other knee and hip being replaced. She uses a cane lightly to walk, and needs to lose 25 lbs before the doctors will replace her other side; and she would like to lose over 75 all together. She watches every Dancing With The Stars Episode saying to herself, “I can do every one of those moves”… until she realizes she is captive to her body right now. I took her to our training room and gave her a couple exercises using the TRX that allowed her to squat and bend her legs deeper then they have been bent in years. I gave her a simple band and put it around her ankles and she did some exercises to strengthen her glutes. She has three beautiful nieces and nephews and they want nothing more then for her to play on the ground with her. Unfortunately, this is nearly impossible right now. I can’t wait to see the progress she makes – it is going to be insane! No more cane, and much easier time getting up from the ground.

So why do I share these stories with you?

Besides the fact that I am super proud of each of these people finding the courage to admit that they need help, and saying YES to investing in themselves, I hope that it does much more for you.

I want to encourage you to take the time and sit down with someone and just ask them questions. Ask them about their life, ask them about love, about their passions, about what makes them tick. We live in such a shallow and busy society that we have lost the art of just listening and supporting.

Second, I believe that we each have a story. We each have a story that is so unique that no one in the entire world has our story. By sharing our story we inspire and teach others. We show our vulnerability, our heart, and our passions.

I want to thank each of these people for sharing their story and blessing me, and I hope that by sharing parts of their story with you, that I have inspired you too.

Lastly, I hope that you can relate to at least one of these stories that I have shared with you. You see, we are all very different, but we all are humans and have the same basic needs and wants.

Tying this back into health, wellness, and fitness, we all desire to have a body that we are proud of, that we can look in the mirror and smile at. We want to have a body that is healthy and disease free so that we can do the activities that we love doing. We want a body and a mind that is sharp, so that our relationships with our spouse, kids, grandkids, friends, and coworkers are as strong as possible.

We all have our demons, our challenges, our mental roadblocks, our injuries, and we have a future. That future is so dependent on the actions we take today.

Thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you today and each day that I write. I am honored that you would take the time to read it.

I hope that this message has inspired you in some way. I am here if you want to share your story with me.



Fitness Should Be Fun

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CEOEvery speaking engagement I do, I get everyone moving and interacting with each other. I have never had a group that I couldn’t get to laugh like we did when we were kids… Seriously, I have worked with lawyers, accountants, engineers, and high powered wealthy CEO’s and it is always awesome to lighten up the atmosphere with laughter.

Learning should be about FUN, and doing things that you normally wouldn’t do.  I think having fun is what is missing in today’s society, and also the fun in today’s workouts. I don’t believe Zumba is the best workout around, but for people who like to dance, it is FUN for them, and for that I say go for it!

I was reflecting back on our FM4L 6 Week Challenge groups in Madison, WI, a program that has taken nearly a year to develop and 10 years worth of experience that has gone into it.  I was speaking with a woman who is doing the challenge with her mom.  She said her mom laughs through the entire workout. That was great to hear, because I intentionally had a few good guy friends apart of the group workout DVDs to make things goofy and fun.  Nutrition shouldn’t be hard and complicated either. It should be simple, straight forward and fun. My natural-nutritionist Tracie Hittman-Fountain, who I have been working with for 6 years, and who is the mastermind behind the eating plan, made it as simple as possible for moms or anyone else to cook and prepare.

This morning I received an inspiring email from a woman named Laura. I want to stress her results are NOT typical.  I also want to show it is possible for some whose bodies aren’t in a healthy homeostasis balance when following the the Fit Moms for Life plan exactly, results will happen!

Laura Loses 9 lbs in One Week on the Fit Moms for Life 6 Week Challenge.

1000020_10201810699255528_249945312_n“When I was down to only 2 pairs of shorts that fit, I was ready for a change. I cut out all the really bad stuff: pop, doughnuts, cookies. But I was still working out as usual and having the occasional frozen pizza, maybe 2 servings at a time. After 2 weeks of doing it alone there was no change in the scale. What was wrong?

I had been receiving Dustin’s newsletter for 2 years and knew he would be able to help me. I emailed him, introducing myself and asking what he could do to help. I also started scouring his newsletters, gleaning all I could. I noticed there was a 6 week challenge coming up and thought this might be what I needed! Dustin answered my email within a day and told me about the challenge: new exercises for me, a meal plan, and a support group that meets once a week (plus Dustin to answer all my questions, inferred).

I signed up, picked up my materials, and I tried his fit moms’ workout right away, where we got to push an SUV around the parking lot, just like on The Biggest Loser! Then I went to his Elver Park boot camp. That hill is hard even for someone who exercises a lot! The meal plan is just what I needed. You just pick a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks from the list, and there are recipes for the main dishes. I said to myself, “Where are all the big salads?” There are some salads, but mostly, hearty, healthy foods. In a week, I have lost 9 pounds. When you sign up, be sure to try the sweet potato souffle and the spinach quiche. Mmmm!?”

-Laura K

Thanks Laura for sharing and for your commitment and excitement for the program.

There are a couple great lessons we can learn from Laura, no matter what type of program or routine you join/start.

#1 A problem… Laura was down to two pairs of shorts that fit her. This was her pain point that made her take action.

#2 Do what she knew how to do… Laura eliminated the obvious things that we all know are bad. This is a great first step, but in her case didn’t get her to her desired outcome.

#3 Asked for her… Laura reached out to me for help

#4 Became educated… Laura went back to the probably hundreds of newsletters I had sent her over the past few years to glean as much as she could.

#5 She took action and purchased the FM4L 6 Week Challenge for just $99.

#6 She followed the program and didn’t waiver from it.

Like I said this is a great recipe to follow for awesome results no matter if you do any of my programs, P90X, CrossFit, Zumba, or the hundreds of other programs out there.

Due to the large response in Madison for the FM4L six week challenge that I am holding, I am going to add a second time slot on Thursday nights at 7 pm! I have my first kickoff party this Tuesday (Oct 22) night at 7 pm at the Fit Moms TC, 202 South Gammon Road. Everyone who has signed up or wants to hear more about it before making a decision can come and hang out with me that night. We will be watching a short powerful video, getting to know each other and having a lot of fun. THEN the next week we will officially start, so nothing on Thursday the 24th, but we will meet on the 31st (Halloween).

Click here to go directly to the shopping cart to sign up,


Click here if you want to hear more about the program. At the end of the month we are starting a virtual FM4L 6 Week Challenge program for anyone in the world, which you can sign up the same way by clicking here and learning more about it.

If you have questions simply email me at dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com.


How Important Is It Too You?

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TrainersMy trainers and I attended a 3 day fitness conference in Chicago awhile back. We acquired a bunch of new ideas to challenge you into getting into even better shape.

One of the speakers had a saying that he kept repeating…

“How Important is it to You?”

What a great question.

One of my fitness friends in Canada posted on his FB about being so frustrated when a client said they wanted to cancel because they couldn’t afford the bootcamp. My friend had to get access to his credit card bill for some reason and found that this person spent $250 on McDonald’s alone in one month! This trainer became so upset over this.

Obviously for that person, being sick and unhealthy was more important then being fit and healthy.

I challenge you to ask that question for any area of your life…

“How Important is it to You?”

If it is important enough for you, you will do it, bottom line. If a kidnapper stole your kids and said you have 10 weeks to lose 30 lbs (assuming you had 30 lbs to lose) or you will never see your kids again, what do you think would happen? You would lose 30 lbs!

As a fitness professional I must understand and accept that for many people being fit, having energy, and making time for themselve isn’t VERY important. This is one of the hardest things for me to deal with. I know I can deliver tools to a person to radically change their life for the better, but for some they just aren’t ready.

Our goal with the new Transformation Center, that is opening, and the local support groups forming around the FM4L Six Week Challenge, is to be there when a person decides that beginning a life of WELLNESS instead of SICKNESS is VERY important to them.

I hope this message has challenged you as much as it has challenged me. There are areas of my life that I would “like” to be different or better, but if I am to be honest with myself they haven’t been VERY important to me quite yet.

Join the Six Week Challenge >>>http://www.fitmomsforlife.com/join/