Dynamic Warm-up: How to Make Sure You Don’t Hurt Yourself

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There are many mistakes people make in fitness, but the one I still see more then just about any other deals with the warm-up. Many people mistakenly believe that they should perform static stretching before the workout. Static stretching is stretching a muscle and holding it in a stretched position for 20-30 seconds. There is plenty of new research this past decade to show that this doesn’t help reduce injuries, but rather can increase the chances of them occurring.

Instead of the old school static stretching, you should perform dynamic movements that move the muscles in full range of motion. This will properly warm up the muscles without increasing the risk of injury.

Check out this video for a great dynamic warm-up!

[youtube BYy0B_u-u4o]

Every Monday for the next 2 months John and I will be showing you a great total body exercise that will burn fat, create lean muscle, and decrease the chances of injuries!

If you haven’t started to do dynamic warm-ups, please give them a try! I start all of my Fit Fun Bootcamps and MamaTone Fitness classes with a total-body dynamic warm-up.

Check back in on Wednesday for my inside look into the Biggest Loser trainer tryouts! I got a great behind the scenes look at everything.

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