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My Logrolling Experience

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My Boss, Friend, and World Class Athlete, Shana Martin

This past weekend I tried something that I have wanted to do for a long time, but just never got around to.   For many years I have seen my boss Shana Martin become the world champion logroller and it always looked like something fun to try.  I got my chance this past weekend in a local tournament.  Shana asked myself along with many of the local news reporters to compete.  I think the reason they did this was to laugh at us and show everyone watching that it isn’t nearly as easy as the kids and pros make it look.

I did end up winning, barely beating out my girlfriend Abby in the first round and then beating my client David Douglas in the finals. (I would have never heard the end of it if I lost to my client)

Here is the video of the event.  I wanted to show this to you because partly due to humility… I was so bad at it, and also to encourage you that it doesn’t matter if you are awful starting something out.  There is a learning curve for everything.  It matters how you progress.  I only had about 10 minutes of training before I competed, but I can promise you if I practiced a couple more times I would be able to do much better.  So don’t let the embarrassment of failure keep you from following your dreams, or at least your desires.

The point of this is my challenge to you to do something different this summer.  Try a new activity or sport that you have wanted to try but never got around to it or are scared of doing.  I have come up with a list of 64 activities that you can do that will burn calories and have fun doing! I know there are many reading this in the Madison area scared to come to my Fit Fun Bootcamp or MamaTone because they have heard stories of how hard it is. Get over yourself and your fears, embrace humility, and let us help you and blow away any preconceived notions of your genetic potential.

Shana With Her Mom Who is Fighting Huntington's Disease

1. Swimming

2. Jogging/Running

3. Martial Arts

4. Frisbee Golf

5. Yoga

6. Basketball

7. Skimboarding

8. Bike Riding

9. Scavenger Hunt

10. Rollerblading

11. Kayaking/Canoeing

12. Golf

13. Ping-Pong

14. Zumba

15. Wrestling

16. Water Parks

17. Trampoline

18. Football

19. Kickboxing

20. Paintballing

21. Croquet

22. Baseball/Softball

23. Kickball

24. Elliptical Machine

25. Dodgeball

26. Climbing Stairs

27. Bouldering

28. Rugby

29. Walking

30. Gardening

31. Ultimate Frisbee

32. Step Aerobics

33. Tetherball

34. Water Polo

35. Water Gun/Balloon Fight

36. Pillow Fight

37. Wash Car By Hand

38. Hiking

39. Badminton

40. Archery

41. Chop Firewood

42. Hide-And-Go-Seek

43. Rock Climbing

44. Waterskiing/Wakeboarding

45. Window Shopping

46. Hopscotch

47. Volleyball

48. Fly a Kite

49. Raking Leaves

50. Tennis

51. Soccer

52. Kite Boarding

53. Jungle Gym/Swings

54. Boxing

55. Hockey

56. Gymnastics

57. Dancing

58. Horseback Riding

59. Tag

60. Skateboarding

61. Orienteering

62. Jumping Rope

63. Bowling

64. Self-Defense Class

65. Skiing/Snowboarding

Here is another video from this past weekend from ABC.  I am in the blue shorts and you can see me for a couple seconds about 2/3rds of the way through the video.  All money raised goes to an awesome cause, which is to fight Huntington’s Disease, which is one of the nastiest diseases out there.

Now It is Your Turn… In The Comment Box Below, Commit To Everyone That You Are Going To Try One New Thing This Summer.  No Excuses, Just Do It!