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Core Training To Improve Performance

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jessiI have a very special treat for you today!  The past few months I have become friends with a professional athlete named Jessi Stensland.  If you follow triathlons at all, you certainly know her name.  She contacted me when she was in town a couple months ago as she was touring the country teaching her workshops teaching average joes like you and me how to run better and how core strength plays a huge role in performance and health of the body.

She has worked with the highest level sports performance coaches in the world and knows more about the body than I probably ever will in my lifetime.  Check out this video we did at one of my bootcamps and learn how you can become more aware of your core and posture.

Here is an email I received from Jessi, I highly recommend going if you like to run:

Touching base – Madison MovementU workshops are coming up next weekend, March 27-28th. GOT RUNNERS?? Saturday is perfect eye opener – 12-5pm – about the body and running form. It’s been amazing to see people of all levels blown away about how much they DON’T know about running form and how to put into play some pretty basic principles to take so much stress off their body and mind – when training for running and triathlon…As I mentioned when we met – the way the workshops are designed – they are super complimentary to the efforts of trainers and coaches as they empower athletes w/ a better understanding of their body and the relating all their hard work in the gym directly to their swim, bike, and run efficiency and injury resistance.

Saturday’s half day workshop is focused on movement/lecture and running form and function. Sunday’s full day event is the same but finishes up with swim, bike and recovery techniques in the second half. All details are online at www.movementu.com.

Anyone you know who’s training for a running race, triathlon, or thinking about it – and you feel they could benefit – let em know.

Save $30 when you register for the full day event with code: DUSTINMAHERFITNESS

Check out this video that will help you find your inner core and improve posture!

If you have a question about running, post a comment in the box below and I will try to get Jesse to respond to you currently.

Also I got Jessi to give away a FREE pass to this great event, so write down in the box below why you would like to go learn from the best, and I will be selecting a winner tomorrow.

How To Improve Triathlon Times And Feel 20 Years Younger

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One of the biggest problems many runners and triathletes face is injuries.  One of the reason is because all their activities are in the same plane of motion, meaning they go in a straight line forward.  It is super important to work the body from all different planes of direction and from different angles.  Working the body from all different directions will decrease the chances of muscle imbalances and strengthen all of the small stabilizer muscles.

Another issue with many triathletes and long distance runners is that they neglect to work their core muscles (muscles in the torso area).  The longer a person trains, the stronger the core needs to be to endure the pounding it is taking.

Today, I would like to share with you a video that I did with Tracey on NBC.  Tracey was featured in this blog last week and is more fit now than she was 20 years ago in college (and she was a collegiate athlete!)

I teach a class at Supreme called Got Core and it is a challenging 30 min core class, mostly performed on the ball.  We meet T/H at 5:30 pm.  Click here for more details. Feel free to try the class out for free to decide if it is right for you.

Check out Madison Fit Fun Bootcamps for a total body fat burning, and athletic performance enhancing workout, that works the body in every plane of motion imaginable!

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