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Answers To “How To Lose Weight”

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Awhile ago I asked everyone to share with me 3 questions you have about how to lose weight.  I got a lot of great responses and I apologize for just now getting back to answering some of them.  Every once in awhile, I will pick a couple of these questions and give my opinion.  Check out the previous post about questions and feel free to add your own questions for me to answer

#1 is from Rebekah: One thing that would be interesting to know is if you stop working out, how long (or how little) does it take to lose muscle? I’ve heard that it takes as little as a month for your body to revert and to be back at square one, so to speak.

Rebekah, it is true that if you stop working out for awhile you will begin to lose muscle and could put on fat depending on your nutrition.  A one week break won’t be a big deal, and in fact, I encourage you to take a week off of lifting every 3-4 months.  This can help heal any small injuries you might have and allow your body to recharge and get refocused.  From a cardio standpoint you will notice a decrease after a week, things might be a little tougher and you will be out of breath for a bit.  It takes a couple weeks to a month of not working out to really see the muscle start to decrease.  It depends on how long you have been working out, to go back to square one.  It would take longer then 1 month to revert back to before assuming you have been working out for more then 6 months.

This is why it is so important to make working out a lifestyle rather then a short term fix.  The good news is something called “muscle memory” which means that your muscles are able to get stronger, quicker if they had been there before.  I am amazed at how fast muscle and strength increases on someone who has been fit before and just slacked off for awhile. Read More