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My Favorite Butt, Thigh, and Leg Toning Exercises

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Today I want to share with you some of my favorite lower body toning exercises.  I think legs are the best muscle groups to work because they have the biggest muscles in the body and therefore burn the most fat calories when worked.  Click here to check out a previous post on butt and thigh exercises. If you want another butt and thigh toning video here is one more I recently did!  I just found another butt and thigh video I did, this one has 60,000 views on youtube!

Alecia is helping demonstrate the exercises today.  I will also have her back on the blog soon to share her story and advice for moms, especially those who are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant.  Alecia, not only got her pre-baby back quicker than anyone I know, but within 6 months is in by far the best shape of her life!

Check out the video:

A pet peeve of mine is runners who think their legs are strong because they run… I have usually seen the opposite, runners who run a lot but don’t strength train, have some of the weakest legs because they aren’t use to doing any weight bearing exercises past about a 30 bend in the knee.  To make the legs stronger and glutes stronger you need to have weight bearing exercises up to 90 degrees of knee flexion.

Here are the exercises:

Side lunges

Single leg deadlift

Squats with weights at shoulders

Single leg hip raises on medicine ball

Squat jumps

Single leg squats

What are some of your favorite lowerbody exercises?

Killer Inner Thigh and Glute Exercise

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What woman doesn’t want a great butt and inner/outer thighs?  Today, John and I wanted to share a great exercise that targets those areas, but also requires a lot of fine motor stability.  Using an unstable surface, such as a bosu, will require the small stabilizers in the feet, calves, anterior tibialis (shin bone), quads, hamstrings, glutes, hips, and core, to engage in order for you to not fall off.  This type of training improves proprioceptive awareness, meaning your body is more efficient at knowing where it is in space.  If you consistently do this type of training, you will stand a much better chance of not falling when you lose your balance  There have been so many times when I slip on ice, but don’t quite fall because my body is able to make those split second adjustments and save me from potentially hurting myself.


[youtube z5gPivZAhKo]

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