Lose Weight and Gain Health By Avoiding These 5 Foods/Ingredients

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There are many articles written about what specific foods you should eat to lose weight and/or improve your health. There is truth to all of that, and I do like the idea that by filling your plate with the right foods, there will be less room for the unhealthy ones.

But I want to take a different angle and share with you what I believe are the top 5 foods/ingredients to avoid or reduce for the fastest weight reduction and health improvement.

Sugar: Eating less sugar will almost automatically cause weight loss and reduce bloating. Make sure to still get a few servings of fruits each day, but reducing processed sugar will have fast results.

Enriched Wheat: By avoiding this, you will dramatically reduce your intake of processed carbs, which again will reduce bloating, water retention, and body fat.

Fake sugar: Even though these contain zero calories, they increase your sweet tooth and many studies suggest that they have long term negative health issues. Sucralose will be the most common fake sugar, but if something tastes sweet and there is zero or very low sugar, it either has a fake sugar or is sweetened with a more natural zero calorie replacement like Stevia.

Low fat: Anything that should naturally be higher in fat should stay in its natural form. Fat doesn’t make you fat and fat can fill you up, help with hormone levels, and can keep blood sugar levels stable.

Vegetable oils: Because it has the word “vegetable” doesn’t mean it’s healthy, lol. In fact, these fats are very unstable, creating a lot of free radicals in our body and are just really bad for us. They are highly processed. Staying away from vegetable oils will naturally reduce your enriched wheat and sugar intake, because they almost always all come together.

If you look at this list, it can pretty much be summed up by not eating processed food. The more man has played with it, the worse it is for us.

I know this list is easy to look at but hard to actually implement.


Because this “food” is convenient, tastes amazing and is everywhere we turn. Our society celebrates it and consumes it without giving it a second thought.

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Keep moving,

Dustin Maher and TC Team

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Quick Rant About Cleanses

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Is it just me, or are others also tired of all the “cleanses” companies out there are trying to sell? I get it, these “cleanses” sell well and give people hope.

How about this for a cleanse…

Stop eating crap!

  • don’t eat processed foods
  • don’t drink sugary drinks
  • don’t consume fake sugars
  • don’t drink alcohol

Eat real food!

  • eat as many veggies as you can
  • eat some low-glycemic fruits
  • eat healthy fats
  • eat lean proteins
  • drink lots of water, feel free to put lemon in it
  • Get 7 or more hours of sleep
  • Write down 3 things each day you are thankful for.

Want to “detoxify”? Get off your butt and sweat 6 days per week. There you go, try that out. You don’t need “supplements” to do the job Mother Nature intended.

**End of Rant**

I am not saying there isn’t a place for supplement cleanses, but I am tired of people trying to find a magic powder or pill to replace just doing the right thing in the first place.

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How to avoid being one of the 5,000 Americans who will be diagnosed with this today!

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I must admit, when I was in college studying Kinesiology (exercise science), I really didn’t pay too much attention to the disease we are going to learn more about today.  Today, it is now one of the most deadly diseases in this country and is costing America $245 BILLION each year. What am I talking about and how can you prevent it from effecting your health?

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Maybe it is because this disease has skyrocketed over the past decade or maybe it is because the Fit Moms Transformation Center has become known for specializing in creating weight loss programs for people who have 50-150 lbs to lose…whatever the case may be, I am seeing more of this disease than I ever have before.

The good news is this disease is preventable and even reversible with proper exercise and nutrition.

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Is Sugar Evil?

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Everywhere I look and everywhere I read, I have been seeing articles, and studies that are continually showing strong evidence to the fact that sugar is possibly the #1 cause of the obesity and health related illnesses.  Over the past 30 years we have consumed quite a bit less fat in our diets, and that obviously hasn’t helped lower obesity rates.  But the amount of sugar that we have been eating has become staggering.  It is in everything we eat.

I have written many articles on the sugar subject.  Below you will find a couple links to previous articles.

The bitter truth: This blog post and video have probably helped more of my clients lose weight than any other article I have posted.

The sugar experiment part 1

The sugar experiment results part 2

Confessions of a sugar addict

Within the last week I have come across two very well written articles on the problems with sugar.  I share these with you in hopes that you will read them and will become more and more knowledgable about your body and how the foods you put in it, directly affect your health.

This first article I am going to share with you, was sent to me from my good friend Dr. Isaac.  This article, gets a little bit chemistry heavy towards the middle, so for those of you who have taken biochemistry, you will really enjoy it.  🙂  If you don’t care about the science so much, then just skim through those couple pages.

I found it extremely interesting how the different carb types affect the body, and how some lead to obesity more than others.

Click here to read article

The second article was sent to me from my client Aimee.  This is a New York times article that takes a very good look at sugar in our society.  It is extremely well written.

Click here to read NYT article

It is my hope that you maybe think twice about drinking sodas or eating candy on a regular basis.  Just like anything else, moderation is key and a little sugar probably won’t do you any harm.  But if you can start to shift yourself away from sugar, I can almost promise you, you will lose weight, have more energy,  have less aches and pains, and sleep better.

I want to challenge those of you who have a sugar problem to try to not eat added sugar for 14 days and see how you feel.

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The Sugar Experiment

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Blog submitted by Carrie, a contributor to dustinmaherfitness.com

How did you manage the holiday food and sweet onslaught? Well, I didn’t do great, but then again I’ve done much, MUCH worse. For the most part I’ve got my meal choices back on track, but I’m having trouble with managing the sweet snacking. Since I started allowing myself the sweets again before Christmas, I am again craving them. What is it about sweets that often when I start it feels almost impossible to stop? One answer lies in another contributor’s blog.   Sugar is scarily close in composition to cocaine…makes you think about why sugar seems to be so addictive! Aside from craving sugar when you consume it regularly, it may also cause other affects in your body. Read More

Cutting Out Sugar = Fat Loss

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I have probably shared with you well over 1000 tips on this blog throughout the past year to help you lose weight and get in shape.  As we enter 2010 I tried to come up with one that trumps all the others if you are looking for fat loss, and quick fat loss at that.  I also looked at everything unhealthy we do in our lives to create sickness and disease, and it comes back to the same topic


I already know you know that sugar isn’t the best thing for you, but I don’t think you know just how bad it is and how it is making you fat as well as harm your body.  If you struggle with too much sugar watch this 30 second video 10 times in a row and ingrain it into your mind

Now that you have a disgusting image of what sugar is really doing to you,  I would like you to try to find some extra time and sit down and watch this lengthy video (maybe over the weekend).  Break it up into 3 30 min chunks if you need to.  This is the most scientifically backed presentation I have ever seen on the affects of sugar.  The presenter is making some very bold statements and has research to back it up.  I always try to find some middle ground in the argument and say that you can have sugar in moderation.  The problem is sugar is in almost EVERYTHING!  So it is very tough to have moderation.  The guy who is presenting is far smarter than me when it comes to this topic, but I want to let you know that for 100’s of my clients who have nearly eliminated sugar, and for myself when I do so before my fitness shows, I can tell you there is no simpler and quicker way to lose fat and feel amazing!  I guarantee that!

If you want more resources on this topic click here.

Please share with everyone your experiences with sugar or something that you got out of this video!