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Challenges and Obstacles

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Roger after his first day of bootcamp.

Posted by Roger, a contributor to this blog.

Today was a hard bootcamp. Dustin told us at the beginning that it would be so I braced myself for it. Unfortunately, at the end, I was very disappointed with myself because I don’t feel I had one of my better days. In fact, I felt as sore, tired, and nauseous as I did after my first day of bootcamp 5 months ago.

We did the bar workout and it was great at first. Dustin partnered me up with another guy and we used an amount of weight that we had used previously that was challenging yet within my ability. We then broke and moved to cardio for about 5 minutes. We used an incline of 15 degrees and a speed that I again had used previously. This time I didn’t do as well. For some reason I just couldn’t kick it out there. The rest of class went pretty much the same way. I was doing some things that I had done well before that today I just couldn’t do. Or at least not for very long. As a result I had to ask myself what was the problem? Read More