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What is your excuse?

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Liza before starting Fit Fun Bootcamp

My one year Fit Fun Bootcamp anniversary was not a day I ever thought would occur. If I am being honest, the only reason I signed up for bootcamp was because there was a three week deal, and I convinced myself that I could do anything for three weeks. When I first told my husband he said, ‘You? Are going to get up at 5am? And run the Elver Park hill?’ I mean, when you put it that way I suppose it doesn’t seem like the greatest idea I had ever had. But, like I said – it was only three weeks!

So, imagine my surprise when three weeks had turned into 52 (and now close to 60). Around my anniversary, I looked up the pictures from just before I started, and because I know he likes to visualize success I sent them to Dustin. He then asked if I would be willing to write this post, and I immediately forgot everything I have learned and started making excuses.

First, I feel somewhat unqualified to do an ‘after’ post, as I feel that I am not quite ‘after’ enough. I am not literally half the woman I used to be. I look like a slightly thinner, more toned version of myself, and we all know that this is not what after pictures are made of. I also didn’t want to post my before picture. Who wants to take a picture so unflattering that it caused you to decide to voluntarily wake up at 5am and run around and put it on the internet? Not me! But I decided that even if I don’t feel like a true ‘after’, there are so many things that are different, many of which you can’t see. So why did it work?

I can’t commit

While we know that committing to a fitness program and healthy lifestyle is important, it was actually the lack of long-term commitment that got me started. If you had told me at the beginning that I would have to get up at 5am three days a week for a year, I never would have signed up. I think often we try to commit to too much – working out every day, giving up lots of food we like, etc – and then aren’t perfect, and use that as an excuse to give up. What I did do is make a strong commitment to those three weeks. I promised myself that I would not skip. Ever. For any reason. In the end I made it to nearly six weeks without skipping once. I have been to bootcamp hungover (brutal!), I have been on 4 hours of non-consecutive sleep, I have been there with a sinus infection. Now it is a habit, and it is hard to skip – I am committed to my three days, which is very manageable. So don’t say that you’re going to exercise two hours a day every day if you are currently exercising less than two hours a week. Make a realistic goal, and stick to it.

Liza all toned up now.

It’s expensive

Not being able to afford a workout program is a reality for a lot of people. However, there are plenty of workout programs that are not expensive that you can do at home. My one suggestion would be, however, that you invest in the BEST program you can afford. If that’s a DVD, do your research, find one that people like and have good results with. If you can join a gym, join the best one you can with the most options. For me, the fact that bootcamp is so expensive is highly motivating. I used to workout at the campus gym, which was so reasonable that I had no problem wasting my membership. With bootcamp, I know exactly how much I pay per class, and I don’t want to waste it. So, find the best option you can afford, and then you won’t want to waste your money, which will increase your chances for success.

It’s too early

Years ago, I always exercised after work. After kids I started exercising on my lunch hour, but found I was going less and less. There were meetings and conference calls that would sneak into the middle of the day. Friends would call to go out to lunch, and since I had so little time to socialize, I would go. That is the beauty of 5am – there is really nothing else that you would be doing. Obviously you could be sleeping, and I will admit that is a precious thing to give up. But the only reason I can’t go workout at 5:30am is because I am out of town, or because I am being lazy. That’s really it. There are no meetings, nowhere to be. And the added bonus is that on days when I go to bootcamp, I am up for two full hours before dealing with my kids or my day for the first time. This has been one of the greatest benefits – two hours to focus on myself without listening to any whining or requests, without telling someone to hurry up or trying to remember all the things I have to do. Find a time to workout where there will be a limited number of excuses, and protect that time!

So what does a year get you?

While I was of course hopeful that bootcamp would help me get rid of some of the extra weight I was carrying around, my main motivation was to get fit, to get stronger, and to feel better. I really felt as though I wasn’t taking very good care of myself, and I finally decided to do something about it. I am happy to say that all those goals have been accomplished. However, I was unprepared for all the other ways in which it has changed my life for the better. There are big things: I feel better, I sleep more soundly, I have more energy, I have more confidence, my mood is improved, and I have some great new friends. There are little things: I look like less of a dork when I run across the street, I can carry the 40lb bag of dog food in one arm and use the other arm to keep the kids out of traffic, I can help old ladies get their suitcases down on airplanes. I also have a more positive attitude, and am more willing to try new things. All it took was a willingness to stop making excuses, and invest in myself. Trust me – try it, and you’ll like it.

Dustin now… Thanks Liza for sharing with us all you have overcome.  It has been so cool to see your outward and inward transformation you have made in the past year.  For those reading this who live in the Madison area, I would of course love to see you at one of our 9 bootcamp locations, or to our MamaTone program.  If that doesn’t work for you, check out any of my DVD programs to the left of this article or email me directly at dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com to ask which one I think would be best in your situation.   The bottom line is DO SOMETHING, if you have been uphappy with your body and the results you have been getting, you have to do something different.  Eistein’s most overquoted statement is so true, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and hoping for a different result.”

How Dedicated Are YOU!?

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Val snowshoeing back home after her 5:15 AM workout!

Val snowshoeing back home after her 5:15 AM workout!

One of the biggest predictors of success, in any area of your life, and especially in area of fitness, is dedication.  How badly do you want results and how much work are you willing to put forth to get those results?  How are you going to overcome obstacles in your life that will inevitably pop up?

Mindy and Val are two moms who DON’T let obstacles get in their way of getting in their workouts.  I had the privilege of meeting both of these moms recently and they are super cool!  Mindy has 6 kids, but doesn’t let that be an excuse for not working out.  You can find these two friends every morning at 5:15 AM in Mindy’s basement working out to the Fit Moms For Life DVD series.

On Wed Dec 9th, a small “obstacle” occurred.  They received about 15 inches of snow overnight.  Instead of Val calling Mindy and saying she couldn’t make it there, she took things into her own hands, or should I say feet, and snowshoed over to Mindy’s house at 5:15 AM for the workout!

Now that is dedication that we should all strive for.

Mindy's beautiful 6 kids!

Mindy's beautiful 6 kids!