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Glad Tidings I Bring…

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Santa Workout?

Posted by Roger, a contributor to this blog.

Dustin recently stated that we should share ways that his program or website have influenced us or inspired us so today I thought I would share that with you.

Years ago I loved to write. In fact, I thought that writing would someday be my profession. However, upon entering the real world of work and adult pressures I found that the time I would use to write slowly dwindled. When I did have time I was too tired, couldn’t think of a topic, needed paper, anything not to do it. I don’t know what happened. Once my children came along I did start to create stories for them but, for some reason, I could never bring myself to write them down. Then two things happened. First, I took a writing class for teachers that would help us teach the process of writing more effectively for our students. Secondly, I started boot camp. Read More

Keeping it Simple – A More Less Approach to Life

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This post is written by Caroline a contributor to the blog.

While eating lunch the other day, I realized I’ve been in the process of adopting a “More Less” approach to my life.    What do I want more of in my life?  What do I want less of in my life?   The following list literally flowing onto the page (once I grabbed some paper and a pen) and, since it was lunch I started with a focus on food, but it easily led to other areas.   

More Protein, Less Salt, More Water, Less Sugar, More Fresh Veggies, Less Breads, More Movement, Less Sitting, More Natural Food, Less Processed Food, More Home Cooked Meals, Less Restaurant Meals, More Sleep, More Fresh Air, More Ab Work, More FMFL Workouts, More Joy, Less Worry, More Laughter, Less Caffeine,…

After writing the list I felt energized and empowered to make some shifts in my life realizing I can simply DO more or less of something to have an impact.  I can easily drink more water every day by choosing to have a glass of water with every meal.  I can eat less sugar by getting rid of any around the house or at work so I’m not tempted to snag a piece.    I can take a walk outside as a break. 

I have a great More Less list that energized me and a list of  things I can do to get me closer to my goals. 

What’s your More Less list?

2009 Goals Revisited

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The post is a response to the post made soon after 2009 started asking everyone to write down their goals for the first 3 months of 2009.  Please go back to that post and check out what everyone said. I want to congratulate all those who posted, it takes some guts to do that, even though it is still pretty anonymous.  It was neat looking back at some of the successes of the past 3 months.

One of my physical goals was to bench press 250 lbs.  This has been a goal of mine for some time now and it has always eluded me!  So here is the video of me trying!

[youtube dIk958kk4Fc]

So, I unfortunately didn’t make it.  I had benched 240 lb the week before.  But there are many lessons that we can take away from this. Read More