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Madison Mini Marathon

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I have been asked by a few organizers and sponsors of the Madison Mini-Marathon to help promote this event. This is a brand new event this year and it features a half marathon (13.1 miles), and a 5K race.  The race is August 29th at 7 AM.  They are limiting the races to 2500, so you need to register soon if you are interested.

I hesitated to promote this, because as you know by now, I am very against marathons as a form of weight loss.  The research out there shows that it is an awful way to try to lose weight.  I personally haven’t met anyone who was trying to lose weight and did a marathon and actually lost weight.  But, I have received countless emails, and had many conversations with people who gained weight and fat during the training of such long endurance events.  I even had friends doing 50 mile running races and training 6 hours a day, and they continue to put on weight.  Long slow cardio eats away at muscle and will spike cortisol levels, leaving your body no other choice, but to conserve all the fat possible in order to survive.

I am also very hesitant to promote the half marathon because it is still quite a long distance and takes at least 2 hours for most people to run, but it is a much better option than the full.

The 5k race is much better!

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