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Roasted Veggies On The Menu

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Whenever I look over a bootcamper’s or mamatoner’s food journal, one of the most common comments I make is, “Eat more veggies!”  Our society has gotten away from fresh veggies and instead gone to processed quick microwavable meals.  Veggies are the perfect food… low calories, high nutrient level, and high satiety factor.

Today, my mom shares with you a great way to get a lot of veggies in you in a short amount of time!

Here is her post!

Well, sure has been inspiring reading all of the goals that you have  met, exceeded, or are still striving towards!! I checked mine from last January and have actually met some! ~ still have to blog them.

So, this week we’re featuring something that can be a staple in the “healthy kitchen”, is fairly quick to prepare, and can be added to many meals during the week….providing you make a big potful and the whole family isn’t turned on to them! 🙂  What an awful dilemma, eh?!  Roasted veggies……can sound boring, but those of you who are doing these know how tasty and versatile they are.
I’ve been online with www.foodnetwork.com, they have over 2,000 roasted vegetable recipes!………but will just share what I have been doing and see what all of you can add for some variety!  I just begin gathering what I have on hand and start chopping; measurements are really unnecessary.

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