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Inside Look at MamaTone and Small Group Training

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A couple days ago I showed you the video of Abby and I on CBS news demonstrating our new fat burning tool, the resistance bands.  Today I would like to take that a step further and show you inside a workout that the resistance band expert, Dave Schmitz took my MamaTone and small group personal training clients through.  Not only was it very intense, but also something fun and different!

These bands are quite a bit different than standard bands that you would get with handles, these bands are circular and have a much larger stretch range which allows us to use them in many different ways than the standard bands!

Although, I am no longer accepting small group or one on one clients due to a long waiting list, I do have some room remaining in MamaTone and Fit Fun Bootcamps, and of course the Fit Moms For Life DVDs are always available!

Click here if you would like to get more info about these custom resistance bands and instructional DVDs that go along with it.  Kids love them and they can do anywhere which is perfect for someone who is traveling and doesn’t want to bring dumbbells with them!