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Amazing Body Transformation: How One Woman Lost 52 lbs Despite Medical Problems

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It was about 5 months ago that a friend of mine told me about a woman who was interested in in-home training. Since I really didn’t do in-home training anymore because of such a busy schedule, I wanted to get her to try MamaTone or Fit Fun Bootcamps. After speaking with her and hearing about the horror she has gone through the past few years and the severe limitations she had, I knew it was either in-home training or nothing.

I feel very blessed for being able to work with this woman named Becky. She has defied the odds and has let nothing get in her way of reaching success. Becky has lost all this weight with NO cardio (she can’t bend her knees much) and NO lower body weight training except for straight legged dead lifts. When I met her she was quite overweight an in very poor condition, now she has dropped huge amounts of weight, but more importantly, she has built lean muscle that has toned her up, and helped her keep losing fat. Becky started out by only owning 5-10-15 lbs dumbbells, but each month she has to buy a new set. She now is the proud owner of 20-25-30 lb dumbells. She has even got her mom weight training!

So here is Becky’s story in her own words. I want to thank her for her openness. If you ever feel like there are obstacles in your way, be reminded of her story!

Becky after already losing 20 lbs

Becky after already losing 20 lbs

I’m a perfect example of a person who kept waiting to lose weight and workout because I thought things in my life, especially health-wise, would settle down – I’d do it then when it was more manageable. After all, I was barely managing the day-to-day at many times, how could I handle changing my diet not to mention find the time and energy to add exercise into my life? My full health history would take forever, so I’ll give an abbreviated version of my story two years ago after I had my second child. I still hadn’t lost the weight from my first, and I had a postpartum lupus flare. I had to go on steroids which aren’t the most diet friendly drugs out there. I was also put on an immune suppressant which meant that I got viruses and infections more often too. I also began having problems with migraines again that would last for 2-3 days and happen quite frequently. In addition to this, I suffered from postpartum depression. My baby also had a bad case of reflux which included projectile vomiting and colic, and my first born has an overactive bladder, but I didn’t realize this and every attempt at potty training was a complete failure. So instead of losing weight after having my second, I used all the excuses in the books with everything that was happening in my life and ended up gaining weight. The highest I weighed myself was 174, but I’m sure I weighed more than that.

I joined the YMCA in May 2007 and started working with a personal trainer there and doing some deepwater running not only to try to lose some of the weight and get in shape but to combat the postpartum depression. In fact, when I was able to get in with the psychiatrist, she suggested I see a psychologist/counselor to talk about the postpartum depression issues. I asked her if I only had time to do one thing – either see the counselor or continue to exercise – which I should do. She said I should continue to exercise. It had really helped the depression a lot. At the end of June 2007, I decided I needed to do something to retrain my mind and overcome some of my eating issues – portion control, emotional eating, and unconscious eating. I joined Jenny Craig because I wanted some accountability and since there were so many issues going on in my life I was afraid I wouldn’t always take the time to make the healthy meals. I lost 10 pounds, but wasn’t as committed as I thought I was. I stopped going to both the Y and Jenny Craig when everyone started getting sick come fall. I did, however, keep the weight off and had conquered the unconscious eating and was doing pretty well with the emotional eating also.

Mid-July 2008 was the real turning point for me.

I restarted Jenny Craig and totally changed my eating habits. I got down to around 150 when I really wanted to add working out to the mix. I wasn’t sure what to do though because I have problems with my right knee. When I was working with the trainer at the Y, I could use the recumbent bikes and do some leg work. My knee had gotten worse though and I could no longer do those things. Dustin had talked to the Mom’s Club that I’m in and I contacted him about personal training at home in October 2008. I was shocked at our first session because I couldn’t even do a single sit-up, yet he was having me do crunches on the ball while holding a dumbbell! His workouts were so intense!! But they WORKED!! I was amazed how fast I progressed. I was also very impressed with how great he was at avoiding exercises that could cause additional injury or stress to my knee.

beckyafter1I ended up in the hospital with a bad infection for a few days in November and had to take over month off. I was surprised how much I missed working out. I was so happy when I got the approval to start again. I’m now up to using 30 pound dumbbells. I couldn’t do a single push-up before, and I can easily do 30. I even did 20 pushups with my feet on a chair (much harder than regular pushups). I couldn’t do a single sit-up before and can easily do 3 sets of 20 controlled ones.

Unless I’m running a fever or literally on the floor because of my low pressure and can’t move around at all without getting dizzy, I never cancel a workout because I’m not feeling well since they always end up making me feel better in the end. I’ve had a migraine starting with numbness in the side of my face and nausea and the piercing pain beginning. I worked out with Dustin and the endorphins from the workout must have kept it at bay. It never got full blown. Just last week I had a temp of 99.9, hadn’t been sleeping, and was in severe pain from endometriosis. Although we had to take longer breaks in between some things, Dustin actually increased the weights on some things – it wasn’t an easy workout by any means (I had to run up to the bathroom and vomit in the middle of the workout during the oblique crunches). However, a couple hours afterwards, I got more energy and was able to make it through the rest of the day and evening so much better since I had exercised.

The before picture was taken AFTER I had already lost about 20 pounds shortly before I started working with Dustin. In the first 3 months working with Dustin, my weight went down to 124 and my bodyfat percentage went down from 27% to 18.4%. Plus my cholesterol was borderline high and I was going to have to go on medication for it. It is now completely normal from the weight-loss and exercise. Now for one of the biggest changes — I just went shopping for new jeans. What a difference it was to go shopping for clothes. Last year I would have been in a size 16. I’m now a size 4! I have lost over 12.5 inches in my waist, and this summer instead of being embarrassed about how big my arms are, they will actually have some definition.

If you are waiting for a good time to lose the weight and start exercising because your life is just too crazy now – know that time will probably never come. In fact, I’m extra grateful for taking charge of my life when I did for many reasons. I have 50 less pounds that I’m carrying around which has to help my knee. Plus I just started a chemical induced menopause to treat my endometriosis. I’m not sure how this is going to affect my weight, but at least I’m at a great starting point and can work with Dustin to adjust my workouts and diet during this period. Most parts of my life are crazy, but I have taken control of this part of my life, and I plan on continuing to do so.”

Becky, mother of 2 kids

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Amazing Fat Loss Transformation: Cardio Queen Sees Light of Day!

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The story I am about to share with you is an all too common story. It is a client who came to me because she was frustrated that her body was holding on to so much fat, despite the fact that she was doing endless amounts of cardio and trying to eat healthy. After sitting down with her and analyzing her exercise and eating habits, it became clear that she was eating away her muscle with her endless cardio and very low calorie diets. My recommendations to her was to consume much more lean protein and stop all long distance cardio and instead weight train 3X per week for 45 minutes, do 20 minutes of high intensity cardio 2X per week, and eat more lean protein and supplement with protein drinks.

She took my advice and in the past year has completely transformed her body.  One of the things that set her apart, was her work ethic and intensity in the gym.  She wasn’t afraid to work hard, sweat, and even let out some soft grunts.  At one point she told me to make her puke, so I did… TWICE!  When she started to workout she wasn’t able to even do one pushup!  How things can change in only a year!

Here is her story in her own words!

Abby Before

Abby Before

“Everyone has heard of the “Freshman 15;” well, I apparently decided to take it a step further and experienced something closer to the “Freshmen 20!” But I didn’t stop there, over the next few years, I continued to gain more weight.  Even after college, the weight continued to pile on, reaching an all-time high for me of 149lbs. During this time, I was quite the “Cardio Queen.”  I would spend from 1.5 to 2 hours/day, 3-4 days/week doing any variety of cardio (treadmill, bike, elliptical, stair climber).  This wasn’t exactly high-intensity cardio, either (obviously, I would not be able to keep that up for 1.5-2 hours!).  Despite my numerous hours at the gym, engaged in my Cardio Queen activities, I couldn’t lose any weight…and more specifically, couldn’t lose any fat!

After years of frustration and low self-esteem, I signed up for Dustin’s Core Class.  I always thought I had a strong core, after all I could do countless crunches!  Boy, was I wrong!  Dustin’s class taught me how weak I really was…core and all.  After a month of Core Class, I noticed my body was getting stronger, but I wanted to kick it up a notch.  I signed up for small group personal training.  Before my first session with Dustin, he took my body fat, which surprised me at 25%.  I was shocked at how high it was, and I couldn’t help but wonder what it was before I started Core Class!  Read More