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30 Healthy Snacks Part 2

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Last week my mom posted 21 healthy snacks and this week she once again over delivers and shares with you 30 more healthy quick snacks. Be sure to print these off and bring them with you to the grocery store and post them on your refrigerator and pantry.

0004pwawSo lets not wait another moment, check out my moms post!

1. 1c. raw broccoli or cauliflower/ 1/4 c. hummus
2. 4 c. light popcorn/1 lofat string cheese
3. 1 sl. w.w. toast/1/4 c. sliced avocado sprinkled with lemon juice
4. 1 apple sliced & sprinkled with cinnamon/2 Tbls. raw walnuts
5. 1/2 c. unsw. applesauce/2 Tbls. raw pecans
6. 1 c. cherry tomatoes/1 lowfat string cheese
7. 1 oz. non-nitrate deli roast beef/1 oz. lofat cheese slices/alfalfa sprouts
8. ½ c. warm br. rice/1/2 c skim milk/1 tsp. honey or agave syrup
9. 10 lrg. black or green olives, rinsed/1 oz. lofat cheese
10. 3 rye krisp crackers/1 oz. sliced lofat cheese Read More