Burn Fat By Jumping Part 2

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Last week I showed you a video of Rita doing box jumps on the NBC morning show.  This week I wanted to show another variation of that exercise that you can do.  This one involves a little more upper-body.  The drawback is that you won’t be able to jump quite as high since you will be holding additional weights.

We do this one in Fit Fun Bootcamp right now indoors and once we go outside to parks, we will use picnic tables, rocks, and playgrounds to use as our box to jump up to!


[youtube J_xDIYbPHQc]

Keep moving,

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Burn Fat By Jumping

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I have an incredible video I want to share with you, but before that, I wanted to introduce the topic of the video.  Today we are talking about a training method called plyometrics.  Plyometrics has been traditionally used mainly as a sports-specific exercise to get athletes to run faster, and jump higher.  But, in the recent years, plyos have become more mainstream, and now research is showing the fat loss benefits of plyometrics.

I do plyometrics in both MamaTone and Fit Fun Bootcamps.  Plyometrics usually involve some sort of jumping activity.  The act of exploding up, will cause your fast-twitch type II muscle fibers to activate more.  Fast-twitch type II muscle fibers, have been shown to be more metabolically active than type I slow-twitch muscle fibers which are used in most low intensity activities. Read More

Killer Quad/Butt/Hamstring Exercise

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This weeks exercise is a great one that I just learned recently while visiting John Hall’s studio in Chicago. The great thing about this exercise is that it doesn’t take any equipment and very little space. I have been experimenting with this exercise with my clients and they are loving it! (well they love the results, the exercise is very painful!

Try to do it for one minute with no breaks!

[youtube Rqaha5-Hclw]

Try this exercise out for yourself and post a comment about how it felt!