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Advice for beginners or those starting out

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Yesterday, I did what is pretty much my absolutely favorite thing to do in my career… I met with 31 new clients who are starting a 6 week program we are offering called, Pay to Lose. I will incentivize them by paying them money, depending on how much they lose.

I explained to these new clients that I have resisted this pay to lose idea since I first considered it 6 months ago because I am so not about taking extreme measures to gain short term results. I really want my clients to make true LIFESTYLE changes that will enhance all areas of their lives. But, I decided to go ahead and offer this Pay to Lose challenge, because if I can use a “gimmick” to get new clients started down the road of transformation, I then have the opportunity to educate the participants on how to make a healthy lifestyle a reality.

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As the women came in, I could see fear and apprehension on many of their faces. The trainers greeted them with a smile and asked how they were feeling. “Nervous” and “scared” were two of the most common answers.

That is a totally normal reaction to joining a program like this; there is a lot to be nervous about. These people are to starting to make a lot of changes to their lives – they will change some of their eating habits, they will be getting up at 5 AM or earlier to workout, they will be meeting new people, and they will be moving their bodies in ways they haven’t moved in a long time.

I had one woman come up to me and share that this would be the first time she had ever formally exercised in her entire life. I let her know how honored I was that she chose our program to be her first experience with exercise.

I spoke to the Pay to Lose participants for about 20 minutes and wanted to share some of the highlights for anyone reading this who is just starting out with an exercise program and/or lifestyle change.

The hardest part is just starting. 90% of a rocket’s fuel is used up before it gets into orbit. Once you start the journey, it is much easier to continue. The inverse is also true. NEVER stop, because it is very hard to restart. Trust me, I see this all the time.

Don’t try to change everything at once. Find a couple key points/areas to start with and really go after those.

When you mess up, forgive yourself and get right back at it! If you skip a workout or eat something that isn’t getting you towards your goals, forgive yourself and get right back on the path of making smart, goal oriented choices. As long as one “bad” meal doesn’t turn into a day which turns into a week which continues on into a month, you will be just fine!

Lean on the support of your accountability group. At our Pay to Lose launch, each person was put into a group of about 4 other participants and asked to exchange contact info. The people in these groups will check up on each other throughout the program to hold each other accountable to their goals, offer support when challenges arise and celebrate each other successes. Having a couple supportive people you report to regularly is SO important!

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Ask the trainers for help. Many participants came in having previous back problems or other physical limitations. All of our trainers are highly skilled at progressing or regressing any exercise. Find a fitness professional that is on your side.

Evaluate your support system. Some of the people in your life right now aren’t supporting your new goals and dreams. You may need to slowly phase them out of your life. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!

Believe that you are worth it and have faith that this process of transformation is a fun, exciting and fulfilling journey!

This final picture captures the moment we brought it in to the center and shouted the word of the day – SUCCESS. Attending the Pay to Lose launch was their success because they showed up and started their lifestyle transformation ball rolling!

All of these ladies left with huge smiles and lots of laughing. They got a great workout in, have a specific plan for success, and met some really awesome peers who are ready to walk the journey with them.

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Are you ready?

The 6 week Pay To Lose challenge started today and we are completely SOLD OUT in McFarland but have two spots available in Oregon. We will get you all weighed in on Wed if you want to join. Click here to learn more.

I hope this inspires you to take action. Hopefully you already have a program or a plan that you know will work for you, but if you don’t, I invite you to participate in our online 6 week challenge. Our FM4L 6 week program provides an easy to follow weight loss and lifestyle plan that I know will work for you! ->-> Click here to learn more about this. <-<-

6 Tips For Increasing Your Daily Energy (Do these now!)

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I am writing this to you on Sunday evening, having thought back on the past 48 hours and how much I have packed into life. I realized I don’t think I could have done this when I was 21.

Now at 31, I have WAY more energy then I did at 21. I will try to not bore you with my entire weekend details but here are a couple highlights with a few pics.

pumFriday night we celebrated, with over 60 kids and families, the one-year anniversary of our Fit Moms For Life Transformation Center. We had pumpkin decoration stations, games, and lots of great, healthy food.

pum1Saturday morning I was up before 6 AM to train a small private group that is part of our Fit and Fabulous over 50 training program. I then headed to the American Heart Association walk as I was asked to be one of Madison’s local ambassadors. I had the honor of warming up the crowd of over 3,000 people!


After a quick trip to the farmers market, I drove 90 minutes to Milwaukee with my stair training team to climb 155 stories up and down (no elevators). I then quickly headed back to my place where I hosted a party for about 10 of my friends and family.

Got up at 5:30 AM Sunday and went to the Transformation Center and filmed 8 full workouts for my monthly Fit Moms program with 8 awesome clients of mine. I followed that with the hosting of a free 90-minute exercise and anti-aging workshop for anyone 50 or older (click here to register for Wednesday night’s similar workshop) and finally followed that with playing an entire basketball game.

It got me thinking about what I am doing differently now to give me more energy versus when I was 21 years old . I came up with 6 things:

#1 I am exercising 6 days per week. I used to workout longer 3 times per week but this past 6 months I have switched to 6 times per week for about 30-40 minutes each day and it has really changed the way I feel.

#2 I am eating more vegetables. I try to get in veggies with at least 3 meals per day for a total or 6-10 servings daily. Veggies fill me up, keep me lean, and keep me healthy.

#3 I eat more fat. I use to eat all low fat everything until about 5 years ago. It seems like the more good fats I eat, the more energy I have and the healthier I feel.

#4 I eat WAY fewer carbohydrates. 10 years ago I would consume massive amounts of oatmeal and a couple pieces of bread each day . Now I have found that I do much better without bread or healthy carbs like oatmeal. This isn’t to say these healthy carbs are bad, just that eating them doesn’t work for me as well.

#5 I do more burst training. Back at 21, I only lifted weights and didn’t do any cardio. Now I train stairs 4X/week or use the rowing machine and do 500M sprints. Short bursts seem to boost my cardio output without the need for long sessions, which can wear out my adrenals. These workouts usually only last 15-25 minutes.

#6 I practice gratitude most days. I took a lot for granted at 21, but now I look back on each day and find things I am grateful for and notice the daily little things much more often. Being a little more at ease and happier can go a long way to creating more energy.

#7 ??? I want to hear from you! What habits do you incorporate into your day to increase your energy?

In one week we are launching a new 6 week challenge in McFarland and Oregon called “Pay to Lose” where we PAY people to lose weight. It is an experiment. We have 3 spots still remaining.

->-> Click here to learn more and sign up <-<

Since this is a beta test, I would love to hear if you have participated in a program where you were financially incentivized and let me know what you liked and didn’t like about it. I want to make this program amazing!