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Happy But Not Satisfied

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Hi everyone this post is from Angie, one of Dustin’s blog contributors.

So, I’ve been thinking about the saying “happy but not satisfied”. Like Crystal, see how she climbed 2,109 steps!,  I set a goal and achieved it this past weekend. I earned my next degree of blackbelt. I had tons of help along the way. Dustin’s Bootcamp classes helped me keep up with kids half my age. Before Bootcamp I would have been tired after the warm-up! I received lots of encouragement from family, friends, instructors and classmates at the test, and when it was over, I had achieved my goal.  Hugs, high fives and compliments ensued. Was I proud of myself? Sure. Was I aware of every mistake I made and everything that I could have done just a little bit better? Oh yeah.

I am my own worst critic. I bet you can say the same thing. For me, self-criticism is often a positive thing. It is a natural part of the pursuit of excellence. It drives me to grow, get better at things, and avoid repeating mistakes. It also makes me crazy! On test day I could have responded to every kind word with “thank you, but…I lost my balance on that, I didn‘t do that as fast as I should have etc…” Read More