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Discover How CBS News Anchor Sarah Carlson Lost 6 Inches Off Her Waist

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Today’s transformation is a very special one for me.  For many of you living in WI, you know Sarah Carlson as the news anchor for CBS.  I have been fortunate enough to know her also as a good friend.  Sarah is responsible for hundreds if not thousands of you reading this blog, and taking my classes.  Sarah was the first person to give me a chance on TV, and I am so grateful for that.  Sarah has gone through hell the past couple years, but has overcome and endured.  Not only has she lost close to 25 lbs, she has lost about 6 inches off her waist!  She came to me about 3 years ago frustrated that after 9 months post partum, the weight and the belly fat was just not going anywhere.  I started training her and we focused more attention on the weight training and less on the cardio.  I will admit though, Sarah still loves to run 5-10 miles 3-4 times per week, but she has been extremely consistent with her weight training, and at 113 lbs is one of my stronger clients.  She also has a pretty impressive stomach, especially from what is was like just a couple years ago.

Here is her story in her words:


Sarah Before

I could bore people to death explaining the list of “things to do” on my desk at home today. Short term disability, health insurance, doctor’s appointments, school registration… it never ends! One thing I refuse to take off my list, though, is exercise. It’s true I would get more done if I didn’t take an hour or so out of every day to work out. But it’s one of the reasons I’m surviving the stress of a soap opera life and health problems. Read More

Top 4 Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

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Today I had my monthly fitness show on NBC and we talked about the common beliefs and traps people fall into when trying to lose weight.

Todd was my guest today, and he has done an amazing job the past 10 weeks at Fit Fun Bootcamp, dropping 40 lbs. He is truly a different person then before! It has rippled down to his family and his wife has lost 15 lbs in the past 8 weeks!

Todd was featured about a month ago. Click here to read more of his story and specific advice he gave.

[youtube 3lFqaGJACHg]

To recap, the top 4 reasons why you aren’t losing weight.

1. Eating too big of portions. (ok, this is an obvious one!)

2. Not eating frequently enough. (If you are eating more frequently, you will be less likely to binge eat)

3. Believing that because you are working out, you can eat whatever you want. It is harder to work off a 300 calorie candy bar then to not eat it in the first place.

4. Doing endless cardio instead of weights.

Please comment on this video in the box below. If you have questions for Todd, he would be happy to answer them.

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