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The Sugar Experiment

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Blog submitted by Carrie, a contributor to dustinmaherfitness.com

How did you manage the holiday food and sweet onslaught? Well, I didn’t do great, but then again I’ve done much, MUCH worse. For the most part I’ve got my meal choices back on track, but I’m having trouble with managing the sweet snacking. Since I started allowing myself the sweets again before Christmas, I am again craving them. What is it about sweets that often when I start it feels almost impossible to stop? One answer lies in another contributor’s blog.   Sugar is scarily close in composition to cocaine…makes you think about why sugar seems to be so addictive! Aside from craving sugar when you consume it regularly, it may also cause other affects in your body. Read More

Names Of Different Sugars

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sugar2Make a mental list of what you ate today… How much of it contained sugar?  I have a feeling quite a bit of it contained sugar even if it isn’t obvious at first glance.  I believe the dramatic increase in sugar consumption the past 50 years is one of the biggest culprits in today’s obesity epidemic.  That includes the fake sugars found in diet sodas and “low carb” products.

In my grocery shopping tours, I teach people to read the ingredients label and that the ingredients are listed in the order of quantity… meaning the first ingredient is the most prevalent in the food you are going to eat.  When those on the tour start to read the ingredients they are amazed at how much sugar is in foods and how many different names there are for it.

One of the biggest problems with sugar is that it sends blood sugar levels up quickly; since this would be toxic to the bloodstream, insulin quickly comes to the rescue and shuttles the sugar to either the muscles or liver (if they were depleted) or store it as fat.  If you are eating sugar at times when you are not very active (night time) this will almost always get stored as fat.  To make matters worse, sugar doesn’t provide much nutrients and doesn’t do a good job at signaling to the body that it is full and satisfied from eating sugar, so you then eat more, whether it is more sugar or something else.

sugar4If many of the products you buy used only one form of sugar instead of 3-6, I would bet that many of these products would contain sugar as the first ingredient.

A great site to check out to visually see how much sugar is in your favorite foods and products is http://www.sugarstacks.com/

Keep in mind not all sugar is created equal; fructose which is found in fruits, doesn’t affect blood sugar quite as much as some other forms of sugar. Also eating fruit is great because it provides you with so many other benefits through fiber, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.  So take home message:  Don’t stop eating fruit!

I received a great email awhile back of a list of 56 names of sugar.  This is great, because now you can recognize when a product contains sugar even if it doesn’t say “Sugar.”

Here are the 56 names of sugar: Read More