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Inspirational Video: Law Of Attraction

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Play this video full screen, turn the volume up and spend the next 4 minutes absorbing everything.  Then watch it again and show everyone your favorite quotes and what they mean to you.  Below this video I will share with you some of my favorites.

I recently created a post with my favorite quotes and with over 100 people sharing theirs, too.  Click here to check that out.

This video starts off talking about everyone having the ability to lead and inspire. This is my vision of what many of you will do all over the country when I kick off the world-wide Fit Moms For Life movement.  Click here to see a little of my vision for this movement.

There were many inspirational quotes to choose from, but here are a couple of my favorites!

“Begin with one small step.” Many people feel overwhelmed if they have to lose a significant amount of weight.  There is so much to change and so much to do.  The key though is to start somewhere. If that means getting up early and walking for 10 minutes, do that.  Start small and the healthy habits will gain momentum.

“Run towards your fears.  On the other side of your greatest fears lives your greatest life.” Many are afraid of success, they are afraid to see who they become as a person, what their friends will think, what their family will think.  Try today to overcome one specific fear that has been holding you back.

“Get out of the stands and get onto the court.” Many people talk a big game and complain why they haven’t had the time to workout or exercise, but all that talking won’t get you anywhere; you have to play to win.  Almost everyday I see someone I know at the grocery store or around town.  Sometimes they are former clients, and just about every time I see them, they go into what I call “confessional time.”  They start telling me that they feel really guilty for stopping and that things just got busy, but they will come back soon.  Most of the time they don’t, which is fine as long as they have found something to do, but most of the time they go on an on with this and don’t get back in the game.

I want to hear your favorites!  What do they mean to you personally?