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Fighting the Baby Fat

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Hi, this is Katy one of Dustin’s blog contributors.  This time of year always gets me thinking about what I am thankful for, and this year I am most thankful for my new, healthy lifestyle.  Dustin did a blog post on my weight loss awhile back, but I didn’t go into detail on my struggle with the dreaded baby fat.

One year ago today, I delivered my 3rd child and was itching to change my life.  While I was pregnant both my mom & sister had lost over 30 lbs.  No one wants to be the fat one in the family, but I figured there wasn’t much I could do about it while I was pregnant.  It was hard when my sister would call me excited she had lost another couple pounds (while I had gained another couple). Read More

How A Mother Of 4 Has Lost 3.5 Inches From Her Waist This Summer

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momOne of the biggest things I preach to my clients is consistency.  Consistency with their workouts, consistency with eating 5-6 small healthy meals, consistency drinking enough water, consistency getting enough sleep, and consistently staying active.

Kim is one mom who has done just that this summer!  She has been coming 3X/week for the past 4 months to MamaTone without missing!  Through this summer she has gotten into the best shape of her life (or very close to it) and is creating a very athletic body through the process!

Remember, when you say you don’t have time, you are just lying to yourself.  What you should be saying is you aren’t making it a high enough priority.

For example, this past week I only sent out one blog post instead of the normal three.  I could say “I didn’t have time to spend writing a blog post,” instead I say “I haven’t made it a high enough priority, because I have been working very hard at getting all my indoor Madison Fit Fun Bootcamp locations secured and ready for October 1st when we go indoors, which is a higher priority for me right now.”

I got a call from CBS wanting me to come on air 12 hours later, so I called Kim and she was happy to assist!

In this video I show 3 great exercises that will work all the major muscle groups, tone the most muscle, and burn the most fat.

We also talk a little about the interval cardio.  At the end of MamaTone, sometimes I have Kim run at 8 MPH at 8% incline for 30 seconds.  She then rests for 30 seconds, and does it again.  She does 8-10 of those.  Try it out!

Another progression that I have Kim doing from that, is 10 MPH at 10% incline for 15 seconds, then resting for 45 seconds.  Again do 8-10 of those.  Try it!


Of course treadmill sprinting isn’t the safest and isn’t right for everyone, but if you have good joints and feel comfortable on a treadmill you will definitely be challenged by this!

Kim’s body has been transforming each month.  Her stomach has gone down about 3.5 inches and has seen very noticeable toning all over the body.  Even her husband emailed me thanking me for helping her transform and create a very solid, tight, fit looking and feeling body.  You know it is working when the husband is enjoying the results. 🙂

dvd_webgraphic1If you liked the exercises you saw in this video, you would definitely enjoy my Read More