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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (Carrie)

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…maybe you aren’t so terrible after all.

That’s how I’m starting to feel anyway. I’ve always thought of the scale as the worst enemy in my ups and downs with weight. It turns out the mirror has been as equal an enemy of mine for a very long time.

Up until last July, the only time I had stepped on a scale in the last 10 years was for annual physicals and during pregnancy. I would venture to guess it was almost the same span of time that I did not look in a full length mirror….other than the dreaded shopping trip to purchase clothes in an ever bigger size. It’s funny to think of now, but when we moved just about a year ago I actually left my full length mirror (that had been shoved to the very deepest corner of my closet) at the old house. February of last year was such a stressful time for me I was nowhere near caring about my health/fitness level and I was certain I wasn’t going to need to look in that thing again. Read More