Your #1 Goal is Achieved, Now What?

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This post is from Angie, one of Dustin’s blog contributors.

I started taking Dustin’s bootcamp classes and paying attention to what I ate 20 months ago. When I first started I had a few simple goals. In my mind I framed these goals as needs.  Goal  #1 was “I need to weigh what I did when I was my most fit”. Later I added “I need to be able to do a push-up on my toes” and “I need to do the hill run in under 4 minutes”. With these goals came rules. “I need to go to bootcamp at least 3 times each week”, “I need to write down everything I eat” and “I need to eat at least 2 vegetables a day” (Yeah, I know the veggie thing is kind of pathetic but it is still one of my biggest challenges!). I broke these rules, but following them most of the time helped me lose 20 pounds in 4 months and reach my goal weight. Read More