Discover How Lynn Lost 61 lbs Through Fit Fun Bootcamps

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The before pic that started it all

Today I am happy to share with you a great story of a mom named Lynn who lost 61 lbs.  Lynn has been coming to Fit Fun Bootcamps for over a year now I believe and she has quietly been transforming her body in amazing ways.  Lynn ins’t the loudest person in the group, but she has a soft, determination about how that I really love.  It seem like each month I have to reset my image I have of her body, because it is always changing. 🙂  Lynn does a great job sharing her story with you below.  I think it is great that her husband is so supportive of her and her choices she is making.  Lynn has bought into my system of training and eating and she will never be the same.  Are you ready?  One note: MamaTone is pretty much the exact same workout as my Fit Fun Bootcamps, which are similar to all my different DVD programs.  The only difference is that is it during the middle part of the morning and we provide childcare.

Picture me, 33 years old, in the jeans section of a department store, 3 months after the birth of my second son. I have already lost the 30 or so pounds I gained during pregnancy or so I thought and I start trying on pants. The smallest ones I can fit into are a 22. A 22! I’m depressed. I leave with one pair of 22’s. I have to wear something. I am not the first or last mommy to have been in this position.

Picture me, later that month checking facebook. My friend posts a picture of me pushing my older son on a swing at the park. I don’t even recognize myself. I’m really depressed now.

Lynn smokin 61 lbs lighter and many sizes smaller

I decide things need to change. I decide to start with what I can do. I decide I’m going to need many partners to help me get through this journey. My first partners are Bob Green and his book The Best Life Diet and Leslie Sansone and her Walk Aerobics DVDs. I start paying attention to what I am eating and make small changes as Bob’s book suggests. I weigh myself and I am 190 pounds.

It’s 5AM and I have just fed the baby, I decide this will be my work out time. The 3 ½ year old is asleep and the baby usually takes a cat nap after his feeding. I place him in a bouncy seat and pop in a DVD. I don’t think I even bothered to put on a pair of shoes that first day.

Now, if you knew me at all, you would know that I am all about truth. My mother refers to my proclivity toward frankness as “graphic”, a perfect description. I start marching and side stepping and instantly I notice that I can feel the globs of loose fat and skin moving up and down with me. I am uncomfortable and embarrassed. How did I let this happen? Luckily, it was just me, my sleeping baby and Leslie in the basement and so I persisted. I got up faithfully every morning and did a DVD. Sometimes I made it through, sometimes one of the boys woke up and I didn’t, but I persisted. And every day, Leslie told me that I was making a good choice. Every day, she told me it didn’t matter how big I was or how long I had to exercise (a mile, 2 miles, 3 miles), I had made a good choice. I needed to hear her say that every day as my fat was flapping up and down.

Fast forward several months and I have lost many pounds. My next partner turns out to be Fleet Feet. I had treated myself to real shoes a few months back and was put on the Fleet Feet e-mail list. I read about their No Boundaries beginning running program. Previously, I had always been interested in running but didn’t feel I could do it. I was a great walker, but as soon as I tried to run, I overheated, got a headache and felt like I was going to die and would quit. That would all happen in about the space of one minute out on the trail! I e-mailed my husband and told him I wanted to join this running group and asked if he could come home early every Wednesday and wake up early every Read More