The #1 Thing Required to Lose Fat and Transform Your Life

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The Actor Hugh Laurie once said, “It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready.” I agree with this quote and believe that actually, no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, “now is as good a time as any.”

I was standing on a big pier 25 feet above the water in my swimsuit shivering. It was about 40 degrees and we had pulled off the side of the road heading up to Whistler, BC. I was with a bus full of guys and we were told that on our way up to Whistler to ski, we would get to enjoy some natural hot springs. Awesome!  Except it was all a lie…

Instead, we were standing half naked, out about 75 yards into an inlet off the Pacific Ocean fed by glacier water. It was freezing!  I am not very comfortable in water and VERY scared of jumping into it from more than 10-15 feet. There were 25 guys and we were all huddled around, scared to jump from this height and not excited about the 100 yard swim back to shore in the ice cold water. About 5 guys refused to do it and walked away. That left 20 of us standing around, shivering.

Finally, one guy climbs up onto the railing, yells out an inspirational quote, and does a back flip into the water. Within moments others started to jump in. I wanted to jump in so badly, but every bone in my body really wanted to run back to the bus and put on some warm clothes. This cold water plunge was far more terrifying to me than skydiving, getting chased by hippos in Africa, or skiing double diamonds in the Rockies.

Everyone had left or jumped in, until it was just me and two other guys. They saw the terror in my face and said “Dustin we are going to do this together.” In that moment, I ignored all my fears and excuses, climbed over the railing and all three of us jumped in together. The jump wasn’t as bad as I anticipated and the impact into the water was fine. The frigid water instantly took my breath away, adrenaline kicked in and I doggy paddled back to shore faster than I thought was humanly possible.

What is the point in sharing this story with you?

In the past two months I have seen more people take the “leap” with me to start their own personal health transformation. But for as many people who have taken this leap, just as many have made excuses, deciding to wait until spring, believing there will be a better time.

In the New York Times bestseller “Younger Next Year,” the acclaimed author and doctor describes each day we grow older and age, as another day we ROT. It is only through consistent exercise (6 days per week) plus healthy eating, strong relationships, and enough rest, that we slow down and delay the “rotting” process. I want to say to these people who have decided to wait, “You think after you have rotted for another 3 months, will be a better time to start?” (I don’t say this, though, don’t worry:-)

The time is now and the day is today! I know some of you may be going through some really tough issues right now. Relationships may be strained, maybe your job is stressful or non existent, maybe kids are out of control, or your parent’s health is deteriorating, etc. Situations are not ideal, I get that, but… If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Nobody.

I hope you are ok with this tough love. I just want to see you succeed. This past year I have been more and more convinced of the power of exercise, nutrition, and a community to love and support you in your journey and I want that for you. In an ideal world, I would have taken swimming lessons, I would have trained in cold water to get acclimated to the shock the body experiences, I would have practiced jumping into water from heights, but there isn’t always time to fully prepare; sometimes we just need a kick in the butt and encouragement and support from our friends and family to help us take the leap.

I hope this message fires you up and gets you to take action – NOW.  I care about you and am wildly passionate about your success.

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