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Kyle Maynard: Inspriational Story from ESPN

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Kyle is one of the coolest people I know and have met. Until you actually meet him, it is hard to describe the feeling you get being around him. His high level of self confidence combined with extreme humbleness is very evident. His sheer physical power is unbelievable. I shook his arm (like shaking hands), and my hand was left stinging just from the force of his limb coming in contact with my palm. I am honored to call him a friend and one of my greatest inspirations.

I love inspirational stories. These types of stories give my motivation to push through a hard workout, or say yes to a challenge that I am scared to try, or to avoid being lazy because I have no excuse; I have two legs and two arms that work just fine to move around.

Pull your family up to the computer, iPad, or mobile device and watch this. Share it with others. Then answer the following two questions with those you share it with.

1. What is something that you have told yourself you can’t do?

2. What in your life do you desire to do at a greater level then you are doing now?

I will make sure Kyle sees this, after watching this, what you would like to tell Kyle.