Glad Tidings I Bring…

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Santa Workout?

Posted by Roger, a contributor to this blog.

Dustin recently stated that we should share ways that his program or website have influenced us or inspired us so today I thought I would share that with you.

Years ago I loved to write. In fact, I thought that writing would someday be my profession. However, upon entering the real world of work and adult pressures I found that the time I would use to write slowly dwindled. When I did have time I was too tired, couldn’t think of a topic, needed paper, anything not to do it. I don’t know what happened. Once my children came along I did start to create stories for them but, for some reason, I could never bring myself to write them down. Then two things happened. First, I took a writing class for teachers that would help us teach the process of writing more effectively for our students. Secondly, I started boot camp. Read More