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The Power of Five

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Post from Carrie, contributor to dustinmaherfitness.com

When you think of the number five it doesn’t typically conjure up visions of power, drive, goals, etc. But if you start to think what the number five can mean in terms of your fitness journey, it is a huge number .

I have been working out and changing my lifestyle with Dustin’s bootcamps for a little over 4 months now. I’ve lost inches from nearly every area of my body, lost 30 pounds, and gone down 2 pants sizes. The number five has become very important for me the past few months.

As someone with a significant amount of weight to lose I just could not focus on the total pounds, it was far too overwhelming. What I have been doing instead is focusing on five pounds at a time. This increment is much more manageable in my mind and allows me mini-goals to shoot for. Better yet, I feel motivated to continue with what I’m doing when I click off another 5 pounds on the scale. Five pounds at a time and before you know it, 30 pounds are gone!!

Focusing on five is also how I push myself during my workouts. I want terribly to be able to do toe pushups…good form and full range of motion. When I started bootcamp this summer, I was able to perform eight reps of something that resembled a toe pushup. Now I can do 20 pushups with good form. My first goal was 10, then 15…you get the idea. Again, five has been the magic number for me in balancing pushing myself a bit more each day and being a reachable goal that keeps me motivated.

So in keeping with the theme, here are five ideas for using the number five to further your fitness goals:

– Kettlebells or weights: Work to get to the next increment of five with the weight you are lifting

– Distance or duration: Strive to run/walk/bike another 5 blocks or another 5 minutes

– Speed: Try to shave 5 seconds off your best time

– Days to exercise: Make it a goal to work out 5 days a week for 5 weeks and create a new habit

– Meal planning: Shoot for making dinner 5 nights per week or packing a lunch all 5 workdays

And finally, don’t forget that high five when you reach your goal! 😉