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Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

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Last week my mom did a great job talking about different ways to use coconut oil. Coconut oil is something that I am very excited about as of late and didn’t know too much about until recently.  But the more I read about it and study others who study it much more than I do, I am starting to believe that it is one of the best sources of fat for us to consume.  Today we a fortunate to have Tracie back to talk about why coconut oil is so good!


I’m so glad to be back on Dustin’s blog. Joy did a great job last Friday with an introduction to coconut oil along with some great recipes for you to try. I decided to follow that up with answers to the most commonly asked questions that I get about coconut oil. Enjoy!

coconut_oilWhy is coconut oil good for you? Isn’t it a saturated fat?

You are right. Coconut oil is a saturated fat. However, it is a type of saturated fat that consists largely of short and medium chained fatty acids. The short and medium chain lengths make it more efficient for the body to use as instant energy. This process can actually increase your metabolism and lead to weight loss. There are a lot of misconceptions about saturated fat in general. I am not going to focus on that debate in this article, but if you would like to read an article that reviews that topic, click here.

Another important property of coconut oil is that it has a high percentage of saturation. This allows it to stay very stable at room temperature and it does not go rancid. This is very important since the intake of rancid oil can create free radical damage in the body.

If coconut oil is so good why has it gotten such a bad rap?

The reputation of coconut oil and other saturated fats started to be questioned in early1980’s when the media was influenced by the American Soybean Association (ASA) to relay the message that saturated fats, like coconut oil, caused heart disease. (Fife, 9) This was the beginning of the elimination of saturated fats and the introduction of cheap fats like trans fats and polyunsaturated oil in the American food supply. Considering that soy and corn are some of the largest crops grown in this country the ASA was very happy to be selling more corn and soy for oil. This is a sad fact considering it put the health of the American citizens in jeopardy. Coconut oil is making a comeback because the science and truth is coming out about the harmful affects of trans and polyunsaturated fats.

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