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How Shelly Ran a 5K

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Shelly (second on the right) With Her 5K Crew

I hope everyone of you know or get to meet someone like Shelly.  She is very positive, works very hard, and is passionate about what she does.  I am very proud of her and the story you are about to read.  Shelly is one of those rare frustrating cases for me.  She seems to be doing everything right regarding exercise and eating, yet her body wants to hold onto fat like Lindsay Lohan wants to hold onto drugs.  I hope as I learn more and as science gets a better handle on how the body processes fat, I will be able to see Shelly get to a weight she is happy with and deserves.

But this post isn’t about weight loss, it is about doing something that you never thought possible.  Breaking through preconceived notions of the stories (lies) you have been telling yourself for so many years.  I want you to pay special attention to how she went about it.  When trying to achieve something that you don’t believe was possible, you need a support network.  So check out Shelly’s story.  I challenge you to form your support group.  Of course if you are part of Fit Fun Bootcamps or MamaTone, we have the support group built in, or if you are starting your own Fit Moms For Life Group in your community you have that there too!

Take is away Shelly!

Goal setting. If you’ve been following Dustin for any length of time (like even 2 seconds!) you’ll know that setting goals is a biggy with him. It’s a big deal in my life, too. When I set goals for myself and my life, I expect to achieve them and almost always do…except when it comes to losing weight.

Since my early teens, I’ve been overweight and not so comfortable in my own body. I’ve tried many different weight loss approaches, many different times, with varying degrees of success. For a whole lot of reasons I won’t get into here (not the least of which is simply lack of self control), I have not (YET!) been able to achieve and sustain a weight loss goal I’m comfortable with. Read More