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Exercises To Improve Posture

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badpostureOne of the most asked questions I get is workout ideas for those of you who spend most of your day hunched over your desk.  The rounded shoulders, which have become an epidemic the past 30 years since more and more people are sitting at desks and computers.  It is extremely important to take preventative measures to make sure you don’t permanently have poor posture, which down the road can lead to some serious issues.

I have an amazing person named Alicia helping me with the demonstrations.  Alicia is one of our all star Fit Fun Bootcampers and is definitely the life of the party.  She enjoys setting singles up together as potential matches and really does a great job of supporting the bootcampers.  She is also an AMAZING sprinter when you get her outside running.  Watch out!

Be sure to pay attention to how flat she keeps her back on the exercises that require her to be bent over.  This is one of the hardest positions for myself and my trainers to get across to some people.  For those who have had poor posture for many years and have muscle imbalances, it is very tough to keep the back flat instead of rounded.

So today as you sit in the office, grab a coworker, don’t actually grab your coworker though, and go through some of these exercises!