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Eat This and Lose Weight

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Today’s story is so exciting for me to share with you.  It is an update on a past food journal that I shared with you.  The food journal came from a new bootcamper of mine who thought she was eating well, but actually had one of the worst food journals I had ever seen.  Before reading on, click here to check out her food journal before.

Okay now that you saw the ugly, what you are about to read is the beautiful.  I am so proud of Michelle, because instead of getting upset about what I wrote, she took it to heart and completely transformed herself and her diet.  She has lost 18 lbs and is at her ideal weight.

More importantly, is what is going on inside her body.  I would bet that she has increased her life expectancy at least 5-10 years (assuming she continues her new healthy habits), by getting rid of caffeine, fake sugars, other chemicals and toxins, and instead eating foods that heal the body.  What Michelle did you can do too!  You are not too addicted to change your habits, I promise you, you will feel amazing!

Here is Michelle’s story in her own words:

I was the person who wrote that food journal that Dustin e-mailed everyone about in June, with the subject heading “What to eat if you want to die early”.

I have to say I was shocked when he told me that my food journal was one of the worst he had ever seen, because I thought I was doing okay–low-calorie foods, fruits, yogurt. But now I realize that I wasn’t eating very much real food—-mostly a lot of fake chemical diet foods, a lot of caffeine, and very little protein or vegetables. Also, my favorite workout was a jump-rope routine that took me about 45 minutes to complete—all cardio and nothing else.

In June I started Fit Fun Boot Camp and changed my diet, completely giving up coffee and soda. I”ve been a coffee junkie for 15 years, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Over the summer, I lost a total of 18 pounds and felt a lot more energetic and generally happier and more relaxed. I’m no longer doing boot camp, but I’ve changed my workout. I still do my jump-rope routine, but I time myself and try to finish it in 25 minutes instead of 45. Then I do about 20 minutes of core and other weight-training exercises that I learned over the summer. A lot of these I already knew, but I just never actually did them on my own. Read More