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How To Make Iced Teas

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I was suppose to send this post out in the beginning of summer, but whoops time flew by!  Today, my tea expert Maleah is here to share with us how to properly prepare iced tea.  Even in the fall, iced tea can be extremely refreshing after a great workout!  Maleah often brings her iced teas to my fitness classes for everyone to drink!  They are awesome!   To learn more about Maleah’s unique and exotic teas visit her website at http://chachatea.net/

I was able to get my readers a great discount!  If you spend at least $30 on tea, you will receive $5 off of that purchase!  Make sure to put the coupon code Dustin2009.  This is only good until Oct 15th.  http://chachatea.net/

A question I often get asked is… If you tell me I shouldn’t drink soda, fruit juice, or diet soda, what else can I drink besides water?

My answer is always TEA!

Here it is!
As warmer weather approaches, many tea drinkers will find themselves wanting to swap their cups of steaming hot tea for tall glasses of iced tea. Though the beverage market is swamped with a wide variety of ready-to-drink teas-everything from sugary and flavored to plain and sublime-making your own iced tea gives you the creativity to make your very own concoction with whatever tea you decide upon. It’s easy to make and the options to personalize it are endless. Read More