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Pureed Vegetables

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Today, my mom is sharing with you some ideas to get more veggies in you!  This post is especially great for those of you who have kids and need some tricks to sneak veggies into them!  Fortunately for me, there isn’t a vegetable I won’t eat, but pureed vegetables help me get in more servings since they can be used in many different forms.

So enjoy my moms post!

Well, I guess it is time to get back on track with some healthier eating, having done desserts the last 2 times!  And then Easter may have given some of us a little blurp on the radar with extra calories, so let’s hit the veggies in yet another form today.  If you’re like me, this wonderful warm, sunny weather has me jumping on my bike just for the thrill of feeling the sun on my face and being able to get the heart pumping all at the same time….yeah, I know Dustin, summer bootcamp does the same thing, right?!  Anyway, veggies just seem to go along with the whole spring wake-up and living outdoors again :).

The other week Cheri blogged about putting pureed veggies in their brownies, etc., which got me to checking out the web for recipes-Oprah’s site brought up some good info and recipe, taken from Jessica Seinfelds’s cookbook.  But first I’ll share some of the stuff I have been doing for quite awhile with veggies-no rocket science needed, but sometimes we need a little duh moment to get us thinking in another direction.  For example, sometimes I’ll come across a good buy on some organic produce and not get to using it right away; the quick fix is to steam it and puree it and have a ready ingredient for whatever.  There is no rhyme or reason to doing this; I usually take my big Dutch oven and put my mesh steamer basket in it and several inches of water and start piling it up; the other day I had a head of cauliflower that I chunked up, including the stem that I sliced thinly for easier cooking.  I might add here that when I don’t have organic veggies, I am trying to take the time to soak them a few seconds in some veggie wash…T.J.’s has a bottle of it that lasts forever and is a good investment.  If you have a lot to do, like when roasting veggies, just fill the sink with water and a few squirts and do a bunch really fast.  So then steam just ’til soft enough for pureeing.  I like using my magic bullet, dumping in the veggies and some of the steaming water, depending on what I want it for.  Or sometimes I’ll use some organic veg. broth or chicken broth for extra flavoring if I am making a quick hot soup, or just sprinkle on a little of your healthy salt.  Using all hot liquids will have you good to go, without heating in the microwave like the bullet advertizes (yeah, am trying to keep all plastic out of the microwave-and using it minimally).  I also added chopped up zucchini to the cauliflower, making a good tasting soup.  When you have this puree around, you can toss in some leftover chicken, some of your roasted veggies, some black beans…the sky’s the limit.  When I am cutting calories, the puree alone is filling and very low cal.  Do the same with broccoli.  Add some hummus to the puree for thickening and good flavor.

Make sure the blade is on tight!

Make sure the blade is on tight!

Okay, moving onto another use of purees, DO NOT do what I did last evening!  Coming home from church, I wanted to quick try the brownie recipe that has a whole cup of puree; so rather than checking the recipe online, I grabbed some broccoli puree I had in the fridge and used that, while wondering how thick the stuff should be~!  Well, after cooling the finished product completely, my willing taste testers here gave an “they’re okay review”; I personally was WAAAYY UNimpressed!  But, THEN I looked up how they pureed on Oprah’s site, and they call for only several teaspoons of liquid added to the vegetables, just enough to make it smooth!  I used my soup-like stuff!  Needless to say, I will be trying this one again with thicker puree.  (Greg just told me that he poured chocolate syrup on his second piece last night….what does that tell you?!). Read More