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Healthy Christmas Gift or Birthday Gifts

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This video I am about to show you is one of the most powerful videos I have every done personally.  Watch the video closely and see if you can figure out why this was so special for me to see.  When you watch it, be sure to not scroll down below the video, because I will then explain the meaning for me and lessons you can take away.

The powerful shot for me came 1:26 into the video.  I purposely placed my Got Core DVD right on top, and next to the Jillian Michael’s DVDs at the Target store we were filming at.  I don’t believe the success that I have had the past 3 years since I graduated college had had anything to do with luck (yes I do feel very blessed and don’t take it for granted), but rather my intense focus and vision towards the future and the specific goals that I want accomplished.

In my room you will find symbols, and pictures around, that represent goals that I have.  In college I cut out a couple pictures of a male cover fitness model that had a body I wanted to try to achieve (I was so far away from looking like him!), I kept that up until my roommate said I had to take it down because it was creepy that I had shirtless pics of guys next to me 🙂  4 years later I competed in my first fitness modeling show and won!  In order to achieve, you must first believe it in your mind.  I believe that in a few short years I will have a similar if not greater influence on the health of millions of lives similar to what Jillian Michael’s has accomplished.  I see my programs and DVDs being top sellers on TV as well as on the shelves of places like Target, Walmart, and Barnes and Noble.  For me to see that 3 second video clip of my DVDs on top, and surrounded by arguably the most influential fitness professional in the world right now, was really powerful!

I challenge you to visualize everyday the goals that you have for yourself.  Draw pictures, cut out pictures in magazines, or listen on a MP3 whatever it is that you want to achieve.

I hope that little rambling pumped you up!

Did anyone guess it right to why the video was so special to me, please comment below?