healthy muffin recipe

Healthy Muffin Recipe

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My mom is back with another great recipe.  It has been awhile since she has shared her favorite recipes that she creates or modifies in the testing kitchen.  I have had these muffins a couple times and I would say they taste “good” or “healthy,” not quite like biting into a nice soft chocolate chip muffin, but definitely good tasting and packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats, and whole grains. Here she is! Well, Dustin ate salads on the 4th as a bit of a mini cleanse; today we will add a whole lot of fiber to those salads in the form of a healthy muffin. My friend Terrie would sit beside me at my woman’s group at church and share her awesome muffins with me-I finally got her recipe (originally from Prevention but she changed it up too) and played around with it and here is what I have come up with so far-trying to work in extra protein and coconut as well as the fiber :). Terrie’s Muffins: 2 peeled oranges 1 c. honey or sugar 1 c. coconut milk 1/2 c. applesauce 1 mashed banana 2 eggs 1 tsp. baking soda Put all in the food processor and mix 1 1/2 c. oat bran 1 c. ground flaxseed 2 scoops prot. pwd. 1 c. oat flour 1 c. unsweetened dried coconut 1/2 c. ground almonds 1/2 tsp. seasalt 1 Tbsp. baking pwd. 1 Tbsp. cinnamon Stir and add to liq. mix. Add up to 3 c. of any combination of the following: raisins, chopped dried apricots, chopped dates, raisins, chopped dried apples or peaches, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, or whatever else you have around! (scissors work well in snipping dried fruit) Bake at 400 degrees for 20 min. Makes around 30-35 small muffins. If you make them bigger, be sure to bake them longer-there is so much liquid that they can remain mushy inside. I like to bake one trial muffin to be sure to get the time right and not ruin a whole batch! When I experimented with this recipe, I just tried to keep the same ratio of liq./dry ingred. The applesauce was in place of the original half cup. of oil…..use coc. oil if you wish, or, I also used 2 bananas last time instead of the applesauce. Sweetness: I first made it with some org. sugar (I like Sucanat), and last time with honey. Dustin and I agree that the batch with honey could be sweeter, but two more taste testers, Sabrina and Charell, said sweet enough! So far I have not been into baking with stevia, but have read those cookbooks and need to try. For the oranges, I peel just a thin layer off and leave as much of the white stuff that has the flavanoids; if you don’t have a food processor, blend them, then just use your beaters for the rest of the liq. ingred. For the coc. milk, I like to use the Thai Kitchen brand, full fat; shake up the can good before opening, in case you haven’t used it before. I realize you could freak out at the fat content and calories, but go to www.itsyourplate.com and let Tracie educate you about coc. products.…they are wonderful! The original recipe calls for buttermilk….you could use a combination. For the dry ingred., just use what you have around in whole grain things; again, Tracie has suggestions about grains that are easier on your digestion than others, but in the meantime, start with what you have. For the oat flour, I just use my seed grinder and organic oats. Skip the prot. pwd. if you don’t have any around-PLEASE don’t go out and buy some with fake sugars!! This should be gluten free as is, I think, providing those oats are not contaminated by equipment…..those of you into this can correct me! I actually did spend the time and figure out all the carbs and fats, etc., but with all the variables, I’ll just let it go at the cals being under 200, if not huge, and know that sometimes a healthy investment is worth a smoothly running digestive system :). Dustin likes to grab these on the run to bootcamp in the morning….I was able to send out a batch last week when “little” bro Chris came to spend some vacation time with you all in beautiful Madison! He had an awesome time, inspite of the fact that big bro dominated in MANY games of frisbee golf!

Well, time for you to share your experiments-my favorite part, you know :).

Keep eating…..healthy! Dustin’s Mom~Joy

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