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Consistency – not perfection is the key to success!

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Donna R


Posted by Donna R, one of Dustin’s blog contributors  

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned in my fit for life journey is that it is more important to be consistent with healthy habits than always being perfect. Before I started doing Dustin’s Fit Mom’s for Life dvds  I was always trying to be perfect with my exercise and eating, then when I had a bad day I would just give up. In a few days or weeks I would try again and do good for awhile but then mess up and give up again. This pattern would continue over and over.  

For some reason I thought that if  I was not perfect I would not succeed and have to start over again the next week or month. Kris talks about some of this same behavior in her blog, you can always start on Monday. Once I started following Dustin and doing the dvds I learned how important it is to just be consistent. Read More