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Healthy Grocery Shopping List To Take To The Store

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If you listened to my last radio show I shared with you my vision for a new project I have been working on.  The idea for it stemmed from my experience of the overweight woman I saw buying all the donuts at the store. I asked for your advice on how to help this person.  So my idea that came from that is to provide a free resource to all grocery stores in the country.  Basically people could grab a copy as they want into the store just as they could grab the coupons sheet.  Each handout would be customized to the specific store and would include the correct aisles for all the different foods.

Unfortunately, I have run into some red tape with getting grocery stores on board with the idea… I really don’t know why they would be so against it!  So I wanted to give the sheet to you and ask to do a couple things.

1.  Send the link to everyone in your contacts list and give them this free gift.

2.  Print it off and go to your grocery store and get the manager and ask them if they would be interested in having a fully customizable grocery shopping list for their customers.  Either get their email and phone # (ideal) or have them email me at dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com.  If you get their contact info please email me their info and I will follow up with them.

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I believe that this is a good solution to the problem.  At least a person would have the resource available if they wanted it and were ready to make a change in their life.  If they aren’t ready for that change, it can just sit there and not hurt anyone!

Click Here To Grab Your FREE Copy Right Now!

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