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Quick Healthy Breakfast

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We all know that breakfast is very important for maintaining a healthy body weight, but for me right now in my life, I am more concerned about the energy that breakfast gives me.  I don’t want a breakfast that will give me quick energy that will have me crashing 30 minutes later.  I also don’t want to eat a breakfast that is so heavy and filling that I am stuffed and lethargic.

I also don’t want to make the time for a long drawn out prep time.  In this video I will share with you a very healthy well-balanced meal.  But more importantly, pay attention to the WHY and not the WHAT.  Once you know the WHY you will be able to create endless amounts of meal combinations that will keep your metabolism high, energy high, and your taste buds happy.

Please share with everyone your favorite well-balanced breakfast

Healthy Quick Breakfast

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Everyone knows that eating breakfast is very important.  But what we eat is something many are misinformed about.  A breakfast should include a pretty good balance of fat, carbs, and protein.  You want it balanced so that your blood sugars don’t shoot up too high, and you want enough fat and protein in it to keep you full for awhile.

This breakfast I am going to show you today, doesn’t have many carbs in it.  I am trying to get extra lean right now, so I am focusing more on high protein and moderate amounts of fat.

Normally adding some greek yogurt, or oatmeal would make this more balanced.

It is important to cook with coconut oil since it won’t burn and turn into trans fats like vegetable oils can do. Whole eggs are better then egg whites because of the healthy fat (screw cholesterol), and all the nutrients. At least eat 2 whole eggs, and if you want to throw in more egg whites that is fine. Getting in tons of veggies will of course give you nutrients as well as fiber and bulk to the meal.

What is your favorite healthy breakfast?