guacamole recipe

Guacamole Recipe

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This week’s food item is focusing on avacadoes.  Avacadoes have a high amount of healthy fats.  They are calorie dense so portion size is important when eating avacadoes.  Today, my mom has given you a great guacamole recipe.  I love guacamole, but I usually get in trouble with it, because I eat so many chips with it… yes chips are my biggest food weakness!  Avacadoes are great to put on sandwhiches, salads, and on chicken (ok, I haven’t tried that last one, but felt it necessary to come up with 3 things that avacadoes go good with besides the obvious chips!)

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Here is my moms post!

Last week I said I’d maybe send some of Nancy’s Moraccan vegetable stew home with Angela for Dustin….well, I got to bring Ang back to campus on Monday and stay a couple of days, aaannnd even had the privilege of meeting some of you from the oh-so-famous “Bootcamp 5:45 AM” :)!!  Then Ang and I worked out with the next bootcamp, first with Dustin, then Abby took over (someone told me they liked Dustin, but they REALLY liked Abby-said she was even harder than Dustin!).  Okay you guys, these arm and leg muscles ARE sore, and as you all noticed, I had to UNload the wt. bar :(!! Read More