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Inside My Grocery Cart

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I filmed this video about 2 weeks before my fitness cruise so I was really focusing on eating the best food possible.

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Here was my list:

Cod fish

Cage free organic eggs

Tuna in water



All natural peanut butter


Hot peppers



Frozen berries

Feta cheese


Organic whole milk

Plain Greek yogurt


Organic mixed greens



Alphalfa sprouts

Olive oil dressing


What are some of your favorite things to buy at the store?

Healthy Grocery Shopping List

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I had a wonderful question that one of my bootcampers asked me this week.  It is probably my FAVORITE question I ever get asked as a trainer.  This Fit Fun Bootcamper has lost close to 40 lbs and is just looking amazing!  She asked me, “Dustin, I keep losing weight, I lost another 5 lbs, and I didn’t want to.  I am happy where I am at and don’t want to lose more weight.  How do I make sure I maintain my weight now?”  I love it!  She has completely transformed her metabolism and her body and is fueling her body with fat burning foods that encourage her body to burn fat and builld muscle!  This has taken over a year to create and has been a process, but now, I am confident she will never have to worry about her weight again as long as she continues with her healthy habits.

Today I wanted to give you a sneak peak at what I brought home recently from the grocery store.    I have found these foods to work well for me and keep my weight and body fat at a level I am happy with.  I have found that this grocery list of foods to be very tasty and satisfying!

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I apologize for the awful camera work!  I should have double checked it before I filmed.  It is hard to get my 6’5 body in the shot!  I just realized it when editing and couldn’t redo it.  The content is great, just ignore the fact you can only see half my face!

[youtube OlS18K2MaKw]

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