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Golf Conditioning: How To Hit The Golf Ball Further With Charlie Shortino of NBC

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Today I had a fun time with Charlie Shortino on the NBC morning show.  Sarah Carlson was off on vacation this week.  I wanted to hit on a little more manly topic and decided to talk about golf… Ladies I know many of you also play golf!

I am amazed at how many golfers buy super expensive clubs to give them an extra 5 yards, when all they really need is to improve their flexibility, increase power through their hips, improve glute stabilization, and increase rotational speed and power through the core.

By doing these things, my clients have seen huge improvements in their golf game.  There scores are lower, they drive the ball 30 yards further, they have energy to make it through 18 holes, and they don’t get sore backs.

So check out this video on some great golf conditioning exercises.  These exercises are the same ones I use when I train moms as well.  They are great for toning up the mid section and decreasing the risk of hurting their back with all the activities that are required as a mom.

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