If You Have Never Opened an Email of Mine, Read This…

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This might be the most powerful and impactful 2 minute video that I have created.

I filmed it almost exactly 5 years ago for a 21 Day Challenge at the Transformation Center. This concept rocked my world back then. It has continued to be profound for me and has transformed my ability to achieve high levels of confidence, enabling me to tackle some of the biggest challenges of my life over the past few years.

We all want to feel confident, but how do we actually achieve confidence? This framework, revealed to me 5 years ago by my coach, Dan Sullivan, has made such a difference in my own life that I knew I had to share it with you!

Many people believe that in order to have high levels of confidence that they will succeed at something, they need high levels of competency–that they need to have demonstrated the skills that are required to succeed.

For example, I’ve had many conversations over the past week with people interested in the next session of our Killer Kurves program, which starts on Monday. People think that in order to be successful in the program they need to know what exercises are best, what foods are bad, how to prepare healthy foods, meal plans, etc. In some cases, they even think they need to lose some of the weight or get in shape before they start.

While these things might help you build confidence in the long run, there are two other things that are actually much more important (and much more straightforward!), and that will help you build your confidence more quickly.

->-> Click here to discover what these two components are <-<-

This is the simplest and most powerful framework I have ever seen for creating change, getting results and building confidence. Once you have decided on the first two pieces of the framework, everything else will fall into place.

->-> Click here to watch this 2-minute video <-<

After watching the video, I have two questions for you…

Are you committed?

Are you ready to show courage?

You really don’t need to have all the answers, you just have to be willing to start.

If you are ready to start your transformation, reply to this email to let me know.

We have programs that will meet you where you are, whether you are over 50 and looking for small group training with people your own age, or whether you have 40+ pounds to lose and want a supportive environment and an incredible community of people on the same journey, or whether you just want to ramp up your strength and fitness in one of our many Sweat Fit classes.

Let’s make this month an amazing, confidence-filled month for all of us!

Keep moving,

Dustin Maher

PS If you have 40+ pounds to lose and may be interested in our Killer Kurves program, don’t delay! It starts on Monday. Check it out here, then click the “Let’s Talk” button and fill out the form and I’ll be in touch ASAP to see if we are a good fit for you!


She Regretted Quitting

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The other day I received an email that came through the contact form on our website.

It was from an awesome woman who had done a 21 day challenge with us a little over a year ago.

She loved it, but thought the membership price was too high.  So for the past 18 months she tried to find something cheaper that got her the results and experience she had in the few short weeks she was with us.

She couldn’t find it, and said she is at her heaviest now and regrets ever stopping.  She realized that the ultra-low-cost fitness options out there just didn’t work for her, and that our membership rates were totally worth being fitter, leaner, and surrounded by a community of like-minded people.

So she came back and committed to 2019!

The $10/month Planet Fitness, $50/month YMCA, or the $1000/month personal trainer may very well be a better fit for you than what we offer at the Transformation Center.

It depends on many factors and when I meet with someone and it becomes clear that we aren’t the best fit for them, I will always refer them somewhere else.

At our current membership rates of $150-$250/month (depending on the program), we are able to provide much more personal attention, customization, accountability, and support than most other options out there, except for one-on-one personal training. But we are about 20% of the cost of one-on-one personal training.

The crazy thing is we haven’t really raised our rates in 12 years.  Even when we were just working out at the park years ago, it was $149-$199/month for the large group bootcamp and $390/month for small group training.  So, despite our expenses skyrocketing, we have been able to keep rates unchanged or reduced.

Our rates allow us to pay our trainers and staff 50%-100% more than most other fitness places, which is one of the reasons why we have the best staff around and turnover is so low.  Our trainers can make careers out of it, instead of it being just a hobby.

I just felt like sharing this to hopefully help you in 2019 to figure out what is the best fitness option for you.  There has never been a time in history when we’ve had more fitness options than we do now and it can be overwhelming to figure out what is best.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your fitness, health, energy, etc. and are looking to get the guidance of professionals, in an environment of awesome people all striving to do the same, then I would encourage you to CONTACT US.

Single mom ready to end it all, chooses life

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I knew Onica was a special person the day I met her. I only had about 20 minutes to get to know her, but I could see deep hurt within her and yet I also sensed she was a strong, determined woman that was ready to give it her all.

Fast forward about two months and I was sitting at the Transformation Center going through my e-mail when I received the testimonial you are about to read. The crazy thing about reading this e-mail that night was that Onica was standing about 15 feet in front of me, waiting for her Killer Kurves class to start. After you read her heartfelt story, click here to learn more about how Killer Kurves can help you or a loved one. Even if you don’t live near Madison, the video alone is worth 5 minutes to watch. ->-> Click here to watch the video

Take it away Onica….!

My name is Onica and I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I have gained and lost and lost and gained more times than I care to count. In high chool my diet of choice was Anorexia, I would eat nothing all day and then have just enough dinner so that my parents wouldn’t notice something was off. I kept the weight off until I was 25 and went from jobs where I stood all day and rarely ate breakfast or lunch to a desk job where it seemed like someone wanted to take everyone out to lunch daily. The pounds piled on quickly after that. I had my son at 26 and never lost the baby weight. Two years later I had my daughter and 6 weeks after she was born I joined a weight loss program. I did great and was 7 pounds from my goal when self destruction kicked in. We had recently moved an hour away from our hometown and I knew no one, I was a stay at home mom and it was winter. I learned that I love to bake and more than that I loved to eat what I baked. Again, the pounds piled on, I was more than I had ever weighed, even when I was pregnant.

Fast forward 2 more years, I was now a divorced, single mom trying to make ends meet. It wasn’t easy to say the least. Every small bump in my life made me feel like I was sinking deeper and deeper into a pit that I was never going to be able to claw my way out of. I felt that every single aspect of my life was just too much for me to handle, that nothing I did was good enough, or could possibly be worth anything to anyone, that my kids would be better off if I weren’t around. What kind of a role model was I for them? Wouldn’t it just be better for them if they didn’t grow up with a mom like me, someone who never had any time or energy for them, whose house wasn’t spic and span and who was fat? I had a plan to end it all, I didn’t have a time frame, but I had a plan. It would have appeared to have been an accident so that my ex would still get the life insurance to use for raising the kids and above all no one else would be injured and my kids wouldn’t be the ones to find me. I had a plan.

Then on September 5th an email came into my inbox from Dustin. It was about a 21 day clean eating challenge. My sister told me that she and her husband were going to take the challenge and that I should do it with them. I decided to go for it. Part of that was to meet with Dustin in person to discuss your weight loss challenges and goals etc. That day changed my life, more accurately, that day saved my life. After I gave a short run down on my weight history Dustin told me about his Killer Kurves program, I didn’t think there was any way I could make it work for me financially or with my schedule so I tried to just forget about it. However it seemed that nothing would make the thought of this program leave my head. It sounded so perfect for me. After several days of not being able to stop thinking about it I rearranged my schedule with my kids, worked out a financial plan and I signed up. I can honestly say that signing up for K2 was the best decision I have ever made for myself.

On our first night I was nervous but excited. Everyone there seemed to be in the same boat. The trainers were very friendly and accommodating to everyone’s fitness level and any physical limitations we had. The people were all super friendly and no one was judging anyone else. As the weeks have gone on we have formed a bond with each other, the support and encouragement is like nothing else I have ever experienced. We have turned into a family of sorts and I love it, I can’t imagine my life without K2 now.

One of the things that I have learned to do is to view food as fuel for my body and not a hobby or way to relieve stress. I won’t put a certain brand of gasoline in my car because it gets terrible gas mileage with it so why did I continue to put food in my body that was terrible for my health and energy? It has really changed the way I look at eating.

We are currently starting our 9th week of the 12 week program and I have lost 29.2 pounds and 14 inches. My self esteem is on the way back up and the pride in myself that I feel is amazing! The little things no longer throw me to the bottom of the pit and I am smiling more than I have in years. I’m not where I want to be yet but I am a whole lot closer and more importantly I now have the support, knowledge, and confidence in myself to keep going towards that goal and not to just give up because of a setback or hard day.

If there is anyone out there that is on the fence about joining Killer Kurves, I say do whatever it takes to make it happen! You will not be disappointed. I know I’m not. Your life will never be the same again.


Wow! When I first read her story I was so moved, I got teary eyed. Since she was also at the TC that night, I went over to her and gave her a big, long hug. I had no idea of her struggles or how Killer Kurves has given her a new lease on life. Her physical and emotional transformation is an inspiration!

Onica, I am beyond excited to see you continue to progress and am excited for the boundless opportunities life has in store for you. Thank you for courageously sharing your story.


PS If you are ready to start your own journey of transformation, or just want to learn more, reply to this email or fill out the contact form here: https://madisonbootcamps.com/killer-kurves/ and I or one of my team members will get back to you!

I gained 7 lbs…

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I shared this with one of my Fit over 50 small groups a week ago and they said they really appreciated me sharing so I thought I would share it with you.

Ironman for me was Sept 9th and since then I haven’t been exercising very consistently.

I have only done 5-6 runs of 4-6 miles, about 120 miles of biking, and a couple sessions of lifting and core.  Nothing much.

Part of it was planned to give my body some recovery from 8 months of averaging 15 hours a week of exercise (peaking the last three months closer to 20 hours a week), and part of it was that I went into full work mode, putting in big hours at the Transformation Center.

But those weeks turned to a month, and I was struggling to find myself again and figure out a consistent workout routine.

I gained about 7 lbs, lost some additional muscle. I felt flabby and just blah.

Each day that I didn’t work out became more frustrating, the guilt built up and it was even harder to start the following day.

I filled my days with non-productive things to fill the space that working out took up and it was a vicious cycle.

Can you relate?

I am happy to report I broke this cycle a week ago and logged 42 miles of running last week with 44 miles planned this week.

So what changed?

Here are a few thoughts, and things I did. I hope you can apply the principles into your own life.

-I said enough was enough. I was tired of feeling tired and stressed. I knew from past experience, exercise was one of the best things I could do for myself and for my family.

-I recommitted to my WHY.  I still want to work towards qualifying for the Ironman World Championships and in order to do that I need to improve my run massively.  This in itself is highly motivating for me.

-I hired a running-specific coach for the next 5 months to help guide me.

-I created a plan.  I am going to focus on my running this winter 5-6 days per week (along with strength and core) to work on my weakness, and I asked my coach for a specific run training plan.

-I made it as easy and convenient as possible.  My coach wants me to run on soft surfaces as much as possible to decrease the chance of injury.  Many of the go-to places aren’t close to my house, so I have been searching for the best running places that are close to where I live.

-I found running partners.  I am still in the process of figuring out the best fit, but I ran with 6 different people last week to figure out who and what times will work best for my life.

-I got  the right gear.  I will be spending quite a bit of time running this winter.  The last couple winters I got all the cold gear I will need, but I want to listen to church sermons when I run to strengthen that part of my life, so I needed headphones and a way to hold my phone.  I posted on FB asking for recommendations, and within 1 hour I had purchased what I needed to make my runs more enjoyable.

-I discussed the plan with Tessa to make sure she understands my why and will support me in it, by watching my son Bo when necessary.

-I listen to a running related podcast, video, book, or article each day to keep my mind fueled for this goal.

-I am enjoying the journey.  At first my mindset was that I have 5 months of “off season training” before I get to the fun stuff of training specifically for my triathlon races.  Almost like this was a means to an end or that the next 5 months would be torture but a necessary evil to reach the results I want come next summer. Instead, I am taking each day as it comes as it’s own wonderful experience.  I have been appreciating the little things like the colorful leaves under my feet or the cold biting winds that keep my body from overheating. I am trying to enjoy the journey since running isn’t something that comes naturally or that I love (I am starting to like it more though).

-Lastly, I have developed a strong visual belief in a positive future outcome.  The feeling of getting faster, and placing higher up in the races is very motivating for me and keeps me going.

Each person is motivated by different things, and there is no right or wrong when it comes to this as long as it works for you.

Has anyone told you that you have changed?

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A word that society doesn’t seem to like or support.

A politician can’t change their views on a certain topic.

An expert in their field gets put down for changing their opinion on a specific theory or belief.

A family member gets chastised for no longer wanting to do the same unhealthy behaviors over and over.

A coworker becomes isolated for no longer wanting to join the rest for happy hour.

You can change for the better or worse, but I want to focus on positive changes.

Growing or evolving are words I think of when it comes to positive change.

Why is it that most people around you will do everything they can to prevent you from evolving?

In most cases I believe it is because it shines a light on their own life and reminds them that they are still dealing with the same crap they have been dealing with a decade prior.

Evolving can be a lonely road.

That is one of the biggest reasons why making healthy changes isn’t as hard as keeping those healthy changes up for a lifetime.

We have a dozen different anchors (society, family, certain friends, jobs) that keep pulling us down.

How do we combat this?

We need to distance ourselves and drop some of those anchors in our life.

We also need to put on additional life vests.

What do I mean by that?

We need to fill our life with certain people, books, podcasts, courses, and communities that are all striving to evolve together and support each other in that process.

So if you are feeling lonely in your journey to evolving to a fitter, healthier, and happier person, you must start to cut some of your anchors and find a community or two of people who would like to hand you a life vest and do life together in an ever evolving way.

Let Me Guess…You Are Sooo Busy and Don’t Have Time

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Let Me Guess…You Are Sooo Busy and Don’t Have Time

I am on hour 15 here at work (I did take a 45 min swim break in the middle of the day to recharge). I also trained 5 sessions today and spoke with over 15 potential clients who reached out to me, interested in the Transformation Center.

I keep thinking I am going to hear something different, something that is going to shock me, or take me by surprise.

But I don’t…

After thousands of conversations with people about their health and fitness there are basically two types of people: the action takers and the excuse makers…

Listen, we are all different in many ways.

But there is one way where we are the EXACT SAME…

We each have 1,440 minutes each day and can choose how to spend them.

It is amazing how many creative ways people come up with to justify not finding 30-45 of those minutes to exercise and build strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Time is the #1 excuse of course.

If our former presidential couple, the Obamas, found a way to exercise just about every day, can’t we?

Heck, I feel like I am SO BUSY sometimes taking care of 450 plus clients, my friends, family etc, but I am certainly not doing anything crazy like running our country.

Having limited time only shows a person’s true priorities.

If you have been around me much, you’ve probably never heard me say the words “I don’t have time,” because it is one of the most cringe-worthy statements to me.

Instead, I will often say something like, “I am very busy right now doing something that is of higher priority to me, so I will pass for now” or, “Ask me again in a few weeks.”

That way I am being truthful to myself and to the person.

If someone is going through some serious life challenges and chooses not to exercise because they are choosing other things over it and being ok with that, I can’t argue with that.


And I am biased here…

There are VERY few things I believe should take priority over our health and, in particular, our exercise.

It affects every aspect of our lives in a positive way when we do it, and in a negative way when we don’t.

So what my dedicated clients tell me is that they actually have MORE time each day when they make the time to show up at the Transformation Center.


Because they have more energy, think clearer, and are more focused on the tasks at hand, plus they can generally handle emotions better.

I am not trying to make you feel bad, but I am hoping this at least gets you thinking and asking two important questions.

1. Do I value my health, fitness, energy?

2. Does how I prioritize my time align with my health, fitness, and energy values?

If not, I encourage you to take MASSIVE action. Don’t just take small action, take large action and feel better in a matter of days.

One Key to Happiness!

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There are times in life when things happen that are beyond our control.  There was nothing I could have done to prevent my mom’s death, but I do have 100% control over the meaning I give it and how I handle things moving forward.

I could:

  • Be bitter towards God
  • Regret times in the past when I could have spent more time with her
  • Dwell on the fact my mom will never see me get married or have kids
  • Try to blame the doctors for missing a ticking time bomb in my mom’s brain
  • Etc…

But I choose:Wedding

  • Trust God will turn this tragedy into triumph
  • Celebrate all the amazing times we did have together
  • Be thankful my mom got to see one of her sons get married and enjoy the birth of one grandchild
  • Be thankful that her legacy will live on through stories to future wife and kids
  • Accept the fact that life isn’t always fair and we aren’t 100% control of things
  • Treasure each day as a gift

What meaning you give to the many events, conversations, and interactions you have each day will greatly determine your happiness in life. Maybe you are riding your bike and fall and break your collar bone.  You could get into a negative mindset and tell yourself things like, I am so clumsy, I always get hurt, bad things always happen to me, see I shouldn’t exercise, etc.


You could tell yourself, at least I got hurt while being active, it was just a fluke accident, looks like I get to work on my legs for a few weeks, this gives me a great opportunity to focus on my nutrition, etc.

Today, think about an event or conversation you have recently had that you have given a negative meaning towards, and change those beliefs up.


21 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge… You in?

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Summer is winding down fast and school and a more predictable schedule are about to begin. This summer, more then any other summer I can remember, I have been hearing excuses of why it is harder to stay fit and lean. Parties, vacations, erratic kids’ schedules, cookouts… the list goes on and on. But in the end, they are all excuses, because I also have many clients (who are just as busy as the rest of us) who do make it a priority and who have lost massive amounts of weight this summer.

The Fit Moms For Life staff has created an exciting 21 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge that I hope will be a not-so-gentle kick in the butt that you and I need (I am doing this right alongside you).

Will it be hard? ABSOLUTELY.

The beauty of this challenge is that anyone in the world can participate for free. I am making it available for everyone… the rules, the tests, and the daily challenges. If someone wants to attend our workouts, or use our specific fat-burning eating plans that go along with the challenge, they can pay a nominal fee. (If you are an existing local client, you will get access to this information for free. We will send a link to our private members’ area for this challenge later this week.)

The Challenge officially starts Monday Sept 8th. There will be a kickoff party (if you can make it to Madison) the night before, on Sunday Sept. 7th, at 6:00 pm at the Transformation Center.

->-> Click here to get all the details of the challenge <-<-

I have structured the challenge in a way that the more people that can do this the better. This is because it isn’t a competition against each other, but rather a collaborative supportive challenge, in which the more people that do it together, the easier it becomes.

In short here are the “rules” of the 21 days:

  • No soda21 Day Challenge
  • No soy
  • No coffee
  • No alcohol
  • No fast food
  • 96 ounces of water/day (3 quarts)
  • 6 or more servings of vegetables each day
  • No fake sugars like sucralose and aspartame
  • Write down 3 things you are thankful for each day
  • Get 7 or more hours of sleep/night (or an additional nap)
  • Complete 3-exercise pre and post-test (video included)
  • No processed vegetable oils (canola, soybean, corn, palm)
  • Participate in fun daily challenges like “do 100 squats today.”
  • No food that has the word “enriched” in the first 3 three ingredients
  • No fruit juice or other calorie filled drinks (unsweetened teas are ok)
  • Exercise at least 14X (20 min/session and 8 weight session minimum)
  • No processed corn products (high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, etc)

For most reading this, there will be a couple of the “rules” that make you grouchy or even a little angry. That is ok, it is only 21 days! If you do live in the local Madison area, I have only 20 spots available for non-clients to join the in-person challenge at the crazy low rate of 2 payments of $35.

Click here to learn more and to sign up

We also have a “digital” plan that you can sign up for too.

Click here to learn more and to sign up

In a couple days I will be sharing with you our daily challenge calendar and the 3 pre- and post-challenge fitness test exercises you will be doing.

I have given a similar challenge to a small group of clients in the past, and based on their results, I can say that many of you will lose 6-12 lbs in just 21 days. It is almost like a cleanse, without all of the potential side effects. We are cleansing the body of most toxins and breaking the body of unhealthy cravings.

The #1 Rule For A Healthy Family

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I recently took a trip to Toronto, and as the flight attendant went through the safety talk, it reminded me of maybe the single most important thing that you can do to ensure your long term success in reaching your goals—whether that is losing weight, feeling better, or setting a good example for your kids.

She said “Put on your oxygen mask before helping others…” To me, that means that if you don’t take care of yourself—if you don’t put on your own oxygen mask first—you won’t be able to be there for others.

So many women, especially moms, put everyone else first. They don’t feel that they deserve to take the time or the money to take care of themselves. They feel guilty doing something for themselves, and they may not feel that they are worth it. But if you don’t take care of yourself, if you let yourself go, then how will you be able to be there for your kids in the long term? What message are you sending to them?  Putting yourself first isn’t about neglecting your family, it is about taking care of you so you can be the best parent, wife, friend to those most important to you.

Taking that step to put yourself first for once, to believe that you are worth it, is one of the most important things that you can do to set yourself up for success. Join tens of thousands of other women by committing to take care of yourself, starting right now! Click here to take our Fit Moms for Life Pledge. If you are ready to put yourself first and be proud of the example you are setting for your kids, sign up now for our free 14 Day 5 Minute Fitness Challenge, starting on June 2! It’s 14 days of quick but highly effective workouts and daily motivations that will help you lose weight and feel amazing.

Learning to put yourself first is all about your mindset, which is the first of my four pillars of success. I’ll be sharing more about what it means to “change your mind, change your life” over the next few days. And I’ll introduce my other three pillars of success over the next few weeks.

Check out this unbelievable video on what you can accomplish when you choose to take care of yourself. The woman in this video is 86 years old!  Check out what is possible when you take care of yourself over a lifetime!

Imagine being able to do whatever you want to do at 86 years old! How does that vision compare to where you are now? Are you where you want to be?

Who Is Taking Care Of You?

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I would like to know, or at least have you think about, who is looking out for your best interests? Who is making sure you get enough sleep? Eat the right foods? Exercise enough? Who is making sure you have some “me” time. Time that is devoted just for YOU.

It might seem noble or even unselfish to 100% of the time be pleasing everyone else, but that can last only so long before you start to breakdown, resent certain people, me-timefeel like you are a shell of your former self, become sick, gain weight, and lose the edge that you once had. The magic starts when you realize that it starts with you. That YOU have to make sure that YOU have time to relax, and do things that make you happy. These little bursts of “me time” will transfer over into all other areas of your life and those around you will greatly benefit.

It isn’t selfish to do so, it is SELF-LESS. Make it a priority.

This message is just as important for me than it is for you. The days when I just feel blah or sad for no apparent reason are the days that I haven’t had enough sleep or been a few days since I had a good sweat from exercise. Naps and workouts are the best drug I could ever take.

$100 Off Best Selling Home Nutrition Course

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As her youngest child was turning 16 years old, Anita Peters was tired, confused about what to eat and 100 pounds overweight. Each of her three pregnancies had left her with extra weight and she was worried she would never be able to lose it. She tried every diet she could find from Weight Watchers to Atkins to Medifast; nothing worked. In fact going from diet to diet began a vicious cycle of losing a few pounds and then gaining them back just a short while later.

No matter what diet she tried, Anita could not produce long-lasting results. She even tried several weight loss programs at a local hospital, but could not manage to keep the weight off. Desperate to look and feel better, she decided to proceed with weight loss surgery—what she refers to as a “last ditch effort”—and in March of 2008, had a Lap-Band procedure done.

Initially, Anita felt great as the weight finally began to come off. Due to her diligence in following all of the many strict “rules” assigned after the surgery, the team at the hospital deemed Anita their “poster child” as they watched her lose 110 pounds in only 9 months. She drank the soy protein shakes she was supposed to and avoided refined carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. She began running and even completed a few half marathons and several 5ks.

Things were finally beginning to look up for Anita. She liked the way she looked and felt. She had learned how to eat following the specific Lap-Band guidelines she was given and she did it well. However 4 years after the procedure, she noticed her body beginning to change, slowly but surely. By then she had moved from Michigan to Madison and was continuing her postoperative care as directed. While she was still following the specific food restrictions she had been given, she noticed her weight was beginning to creep up. Her care team would give her additional restrictions and yet no matter what she did, she found that she had gained over 20 pounds.

Puzzled by her lack of progress, Anita’s care team ran several tests, including an endoscopy. Unfortunately, the test revealed that the band had eroded into her stomach lining and was no longer working as it should. To her dismay, Anita had no choice but to have the band surgically removed in 2013.

Being forced to have the band taken out sent Anita into a tailspin. It was almost as if she was mourning the loss of what had once been so successful. She struggled to lose weight for so many years and now the very thing that had finally brought success was being taken away, due to no fault of her own. She was not only fearful of gaining back the weight she had lost, but of the thought of what kind of damage the erosion had done to her stomach lining.

By the time the band was removed, Anita had gained 40 pounds. In an effort to avoid gaining any additional weight, Anita began the Nutrisystem diet as soon as she was allowed to have solid foods again. She lost 5 pounds on the program but didn’t feel well and was “starving all of the time.”

Anita had gotten to the point of not having the faintest idea of what or how to eat anymore. The restrictions she was given after the banding procedure required her to drink soy protein shakes and in general, a lot of liquids, high amounts of protein and very little carbohydrates. In addition, she had been diagnosed with thyroid problems in her 20s, and it had always been fairly well controlled…until she began the Nutrisystem diet. The combination of one too many soy protein shakes and a whole lot of processed food had taken a toll and left her overweight again, tired and constantly hungry.

She started looking for local exercise programs in May of 2013 and came upon one of Dustin’s bootcamp classes. On the very first day she went, Dustin happened to be teaching and Anita told him her story. He immediately suggested she meet with Tracie so she could basically relearn how to eat again.

Anita describes working with Tracie and Dustin as the absolute best things she has ever done for herself. She began Dustin’s Killer Kurves class and signed up for 8 Tracyindividual sessions with Tracie, which included her DVD Home Study Course. After several weeks, she dropped 10 pounds and 11 ½ inches. While the weight didn’t come off immediately, it is coming off, and it’s coming off the right way this time.

“In many ways, I feel like Tracie literally saved my life,” Anita says. “I know that sounds kind of funny, but I really feel like it’s true.” After so many years of dysfunctional eating, Anita says she was basically at a loss in terms of what she should actually be eating. She had never really considered what kinds of food she was eating prior to working with Tracie. None of the staff at the hospital had ever told her about the connection between soy and thyroid problems nor did they instruct her to read labels or about the importance of avoiding processed foods.

After working with Tracie, Anita says she’s never felt so good. She finally has her energy back, her cravings are gone and she’s enjoying cooking real food. While she is feeling great, there certainly have been challenges along the way. Tracie explained to Anita that because her body was under so much stress for such a long time, her metabolism needs to heal before the weight really begins to come off. She understands that she didn’t gain the weight overnight so losing it the right way will take some time, though she admits being patient isn’t always easy.

She’s also had to deal with the fact that people are always asking her about her story. Anita says she was very open to sharing with people how she lost her weight and was not embarrassed that she had the banding procedure done, but it did make her very “visible” to people. She’s grateful that so many people noticed when she initially lost the weight, but when she gained some of it back, people seemed to think they had a right to discuss it with her and that was difficult. “I knew I didn’t cause it to fail because I did everything just as I was supposed to,” Anita states, “but having to tell the story over and over again left me feeling like a failure at times. I had to battle the disappointment, money and effort I spent trying to make it work, and that was hard.”

On the other hand, she feels like she is finally eating sustainably and in a way that she can for the rest of her life. Anita travels with her husband quite a bit but has found that maintaining her workout routine and healthy way of eating can be done even if she’s away from home for extended periods of time. She uses hotel fitness centers whenever she can or her own body weight as resistance in her room. She also prepares snacks ahead of time for on the road and looks for restaurants serving local foods before she leaves. Anita recently went to Palm Springs and went down to the farmers market for fresh fruit and veggies to keep in her hotel room. “In the past, traveling as much as I do now would have caused me to gain 5 pounds. But this time, I can follow it anywhere now that I know how to prepare in advance. In fact, I even lost a pound on the last trip I took!”

Anita says she finally gets how to eat real food the right way and attributes her success to working with Tracie and Dustin. She also emphasizes the importance of both exercise and eating right, stating she knows of many people who don’t succeed because they try to just work out without changing how they’re eating. She also loves how easy Tracie makes eating well: “Following Tracie’s 2 balance rules of not eating protein and carbohydrates alone made such a huge difference and so much sense to me. I also follow her Great-Grandmother Rule whenever I possibly can. If I can’t pronounce, it I simply don’t eat it!”

Anita understands that not everyone can afford individual sessions, but says the next best option is Tracie’s DVD Home Study Course. She loves being able to have all of Tracie’s information on DVD so she can watch it whenever she wants to. Anita says, “Tracie’s plan really does work and it’s so much easier than anything else I’ve ever tried.” She also adds, “Her Home Study Course is awesome and is invaluable in learning how to eat the right way.” In fact, Tracie even suggested Anita go an entire month without weighing herself so that she learned how to listen to her body without constantly watching the scale. She also taught her that she could lose weight even while eating real food…without the burden of having to constantly count calories or “freak out” about how much she was eating.

unnamedWhile Anita still has weight loss goals, she understands there’s a balance between working out, eating well and doing it the right way. She has short-term, intermediate and long-term goals, but knows it will happen as it’s supposed to and as a by-product of continuing to work out and paying attention to what she’s eating. Her advice to others who are struggling with weight loss is to understand that everything you put into your mouth affects your body, in either the right or the wrong way. She suggests to “first get the junk out of your diet and then focus on movement if you want to get lasting results.”

Anita says: “I don’t regret having the Lap-Band procedure done. It served its purpose at the time in its own way. I also don’t regret how everything happened. Without gaining the weight back, I never would have searched for Dustin nor would I have come across Tracie. But I will say that I much prefer eating Tracie’s way because it’s something I can do forever. As a first-time grandmother of sweet 8-week old baby Gloria, I want to be healthy and strong to be able to keep up with her and other future grandchildren and great-grandchildren! I know I keep saying this, but Tracie really did save my life and working with her really is the best thing I’ve ever done!”


The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids

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As a mom you will do anything for your kids. You will stay up all night when they have a fever, you will take off work to get them to a doctor’s appointment, and you will sacrifice your personal money and time so that they have everything they need and want.

I just saw a study that said pregnant moms are 96% more likely to eat healthy. This is awesome since the newer research coming out shows that the nutrition of the mom through the placenta plays a large role on how healthy, and possibly whether the baby will have a predisposition towards obesity.

Once your baby is born and begins to grow, the attention continues to stay on your child and that is when many moms begin to slowly lose important parts of herself, and her health.

1 Actions_not_words!I was recently on a 90 minute call with over 200 thought leaders from around the world and one of the primary topics talked about was the idea that when YOU (moms), take care of yourself, you are modeling that behavior to your kids. Your kids will see that mommy makes time to cook healthy meals, read labels, workout with weights to become strong, and finds time to read a book or create a couple minutes for “mom” time.

I don’t need to tell you that your kids watch what you do and learn from what you do much more then what you say.

So on this call, we talked about the deep guilt that you feel as a mom when you are trying to decide between going for a workout for 30 minutes or playing with your kids, or between making a tasty and healthy 20 minute meal when a frozen pizza can be popped into the oven and you could clean your house instead.

But if we are to step back a moment and really think about it…

Knowing that our kids watch what we do…

We should actually feel MORE guilty if we aren’t taking the time for ourselves.

You might be reading this and 100% agree that you would be a better mom, wife, friend etc, if you carved out a little time in your crazy busy lives to help yourself (I have over 300 survey responses that basically say just that).

Awesome! You are one step closer to achieving that.

Others still might not buy into that premise, so I hope over the next months and years to provide you with so much data, case studies, experts, and so on that you too might become a part of this paradigm shift.

Since the release of my Fit Moms For Life DVDs nearly 5 years ago, and over 15,000 DVDs sold later, I can’t tell you the number of emails and FB messages I receive of stories from moms about how their kids are seeing them workout and want to join in.  Their kids like to play the role of me (the trainer), and tell the mom what she should be doing. The stories, videos, and pictures are adorable and heartwarming, but they go much deeper then that. Those kids are laying a foundation and belief that exercise and healthy eating is what is part of a normal life, and that it is something they should do too since the person they admire most (their mom), is leading the way and setting the example. This of course isn’t a 100% guarantee that this child will grow up to be healthy, but it is an incredible start.

This past week at the Fit Moms Transformation Center we had to cancel classes for two days because of the cold temps and school was also cancelled which caused moms1 a Open Gym to be stressed out and kids to have too much energy.

I had an idea to offer an open gym for two hours. We wrote a workout on the board that the adults could do and the kids could do whatever. We announced this only a couple hours before the scheduled time and ended up having over 40 parents and kids show up.

It was so special to see these kids using the rowing machines with their mom, or carrying medicine balls, or trying to do pushups and enjoy it! The older kids raced (and lost), to their moms on the rowing machines, while others threw balls around and played tag.

1 a open gym 2

I would like to end this by encouraging you to incorporate your kids into your workouts sometimes, and make sure that they see that you are taking your own health and wellness seriously. This can also apply to grandmas with their grand kids.

This is the best thing you can do for your kids.

The Fit Moms For Life 6 Week challenge is a program that a lot of moms are doing with their kids as young as 4 years old. The DVDs are easy to follow and some of them are body weight only so any child can be part of the workouts. We have groups starting in person and online in about a week, so join the over 300 who are already completed their 6 Week Challenge.

Click here to get started

We will be sharing with you more about the program and getting those interested signed up if you haven’t already.