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Going Gluten Free

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Hi, this is Liz one of Dustin’s contributors.


Up until about 2 months ago I have never really worried about food allergies, now I’m obsessed!  About 7 months ago I started having a lot of GI tract issues.  Mostly early in the morning when I was out for a run.  It got so bad that I planned all my runs around local bathrooms.  It eventually got so bad I knew I wasn’t going to be able to train for my upcoming marathon if I didn’t do something.  I was also finding that no matter how well I slept at night I was SO tired in the afternoons.  So as embarrassing as it was (and yes this is embarrassing to blog about)  I went and visited my doctor.  He ran some tests, they all came back normal.  So he suggested that I had Irritable Bowl Syndrome.  I was not willing to accept that diagnosis because I knew something must be causing everything that was going on with me physically.   Read More