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Tax Payer Dollars Going To Subsidize Bad Food

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There are lots of things wrong with the government and this blog isn’t the place where I want to really talk about them.  What I do want to talk about though is how our hard earned tax dollars are going to subsidize certain crops that then get turned into nearly all the junk food we have today.  This video doesn’t talk about things that I wasn’t aware of, but the stats and the way they present the information sure got me angry to the point where I want to take action.

I really don’t care that food manufacturers make products that are unhealthy for us, just as long as they are honest with what is in it.  I believe we should be able to have the self control and knowledge to choose for our self.  I am pro business and don’t have a problem with companies like hostess making products that are very bad for you.  But I do have a problem with the fact that I am directly helping them cut their costs to make this product more affordable for everyone!

I find it ironic that we subsidize things that make us fatter and sicker, and then we are trying to find ways to fix our health care system that is broken because of the obesity epidemic.  I wonder if the lobbyist for the food manufacturers are also the same ones that lobby for the health care and drug companies?

If we are going to subsidize anything I think it should be things much healthier then corn and soybeans.

So what can we do about this?

First you can go to www.calpirg.org and take action through their site.

But much more important then that, you can vote each and every day by where you spend your money.  Do you buy processed foods or do you buy from local growers and small farmers, and buy more fresh foods then preserved food?  Yes it will probably cost you a little more in the short term, but either way you will pay.

-You will pay with higher medical bills

-More sicks days from work

-More frequent purchasing of larger clothes

-More spent on medications

-Higher insurance rates

-And probably most importantly teaching your kids unhealthy eating and living habits.

I recently had a great story about a mom with 7 kids who changed what she bought and turned her whole family around to one of health and wellness on a tight budget.  Click here to read more about her story.

Hostess filed for bankruptcy a couple years ago because enough people said no, to their chemically laden toxins.  We have the power to vote everyday for what we believe in by choosing what to buy and what not to buy.  Walmart has started to incorporate organic foods in their stores.  They will give us what we want, we just need enough people to want the healthier foods.

I challenge you to forward this blog post to everyone you know so they can be educated as well and with more of us being educated on the problems and solutions to the problems we will be able to see a shift in prices as well as the health of the country as a whole.  I rest my peace 🙂

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