foam rolling exercises

Foam Rolling Exercises

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The harder you workout, the more you need to take care of your body in all areas.  You need to eat better to support recovery, you need to stretch more to increase flexibility, and you need to have built in rest days to heal your muscles that have been torn (micro tears) during working out.  A fast growing technique to help stretch the muscles and break up muscle tissue is called foam rolling.

Foam rolling is a great technique to increase blood flow and break up muscle fascia.  Muscle fascia is long thin sheaths of connective tissue that surround the muscles.  These can get tight in certain areas and imbalances can occur.  Tight IT bands are one of the most common, along with tight hips and hamstrings.

Here is a video I did when I was in Vegas with another trainer friend of mine also named Dustin.

One of my awesome Fit Fun Bootcampers and blog contributors is Melissa and she made a video of some of her favorite foam rolling techniques. Some are the same, some are different.

Question of the day: Have you used foam rollers? If so what have you found using them?