Fit Moms for Life Six Week Challenge

What Choices Are You Making For Your Future?

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The other day I shared with you a powerful video that demonstrates what can happen over time when someone consistently makes poor choices. Click here if you missed it. The hundreds of small choices we make each day determine how our lives will look in the future. These daily choices also affect how healthy our body and the bodies of our family will look and feel. Often, it is only in hindsight that we can see how our disease and sickness started or where our health and wellness began.

Can I just be real with you for a moment?

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t really like most fitness magazine headlines portray. It isn’t as easy as the infomercial marketers make it sound.

  • Living a healthy lifestyle is hard… Really Hard.
  • Asking for help is hard.
  • Struggling alone is hard.
  • Committing to a 12-week program is hard.
  • Spending money on you for a weight loss program is hard.
  • Paying medical bills for weight induced health issues is hard.
  • Change is hard.
  • Being overweight is hard.

I recently heard a quote that I really resonated with, not sure who said it. “Those who do the hard things now will live an easy life, and those who do the easy things now will live a hard life.” Choose your hard now.

In the upcoming couple weeks you will be hearing from some people who are just like you. They have crazy busy lives, money isn’t always abundant, and they are involved in many different activities with their kids, grandkids, and coworkers. But, they chose to take the “hard” road and make the hard choices and now they are looking at a future that is far brighter than their past.

That is my wish for you – I want you to have a greater, brighter future than your past.

If you live in the Madison area and are 40 lbs or more overweight and are ready to change and choose a different, life changing “hard”, I would like to invite you to join our next Killer Kurves session that starts the week of September 28th. We have expanded to include weekend and evenings for those who can’t make early mornings work.

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If you live in Madison and don’t qualify for this program but are ready for change, email me at dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com and share your story and I will give you some guidance.

Lastly, if you live outside of the Madison area, my team and I have created an amazing program that is based off the Killer Kurves program. It is called the FM4L 6 Week Challenge and over the past year the program has transformed nearly 1,000 women. We have recently launched a digital only version for only $47.

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If you are on the fence about K2 and have a few specific questions, I am committing my time to calling you personally to answer your questions. I believe so firmly in this program that I want to do all I can to give you the opportunity to experience your transformation. Email me at dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com with your phone number and a little bit about yourself and I’ll look forward to talking with you soon!

This One Thing To Burn More Fat

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I am an alumni of the UW Madison and of course I am a proud Badger basketball fan. Frank Kaminsky is the Badger’s center who became one of the most dominant players in all of college basketball this year. His first two years of college ball, though, Frank wasn’t especially impressive and he didn’t emerge as an elite player. What changed this year? Did his shooting skills improve? Was it an increase in speed and strength? All of these skills probably improved a bit, but there is one factor that was WAY more significant to Kaminsky’s enhanced performance than just physical talent…


Confidence can transform an average player into an incredible player and on the flip side, a skilled and talented player who is struggling with his/her confidence may be Confidence1stuck performing at an average level. Frank Kaminsky now believes that he is the best (or one of the best) on the court at all times and can take his man to the basket or pull back for a three pointer at anytime.

When you have confidence in your life, life just get easier. Fat loss becomes easier, eating healthy becomes easier, and finding a support group becomes easier. I have written in the past about my lack of confidence growing up and how I had to build it up over time. Building confidence is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. I would like to share 3 ways you can gain more confidence when it comes to increasing your health and fitness levels.

But before I do that, I was going through our Killer Kurves private FB page and read these three stories from our K2 program and even though the word “confidence isn’t used much, you can just feel that the words “ooze” confidence.


#1 Create and appreciate little wins.

Did you skip the drive thru today and instead go home and made a quick dinner? Did you only hit the snooze one time today and still get up early for your workout?

These little changes are big wins! Be sure to recognize, celebrate and appreciate these changes. Recognizing these small, positive decisions can go a long way in building your confidence.

#2 Surround yourself with others who already have success in the area of life you are looking to improve or who are fully committed to the journey like you are.

Watching people around you achieve results, increases the chances that you believe those results are possible for you.

#3 Embrace and understand that failure is part of the process.

When you understand and accept that there will be moments when you will fail to make the right choices, you can reduce the time you spend beating yourself up and keep your confidence levels from diving.

Acknowledge those moments of failure, learn from them and use them to push you to the next level of success. Used this way, failure can help you build up your next layer of confidence.

Remember, building up confidence levels begins with small wins. Be sure to surround yourself with others who are making the impossible look possible and understand that the journey to a healthy lifestyle does not often look like a straight line, but more like a zig-zag – full of ups and downs.

The last piece of the confidence puzzle, that I am not going to talk about much about today, is knowledge and education. Having a well researched healthy lifestyle plan and an understanding of why this plan will work for you, can give you the confidence in your ability to reach your desired outcome.

If you feel confused or not as confident as you’d like to be regarding what to eat or how to exercise, I’d love help you increase your confidence in these areas! Please reach out and connect with me and my Transformation Center team.

If you don’t have a six week plan that you can implement right now to be leaner, more toned, and have more energy, I would like to invite you to join our FM4L 6 Week Challenge. For just over $2/day we can provide you an exercise, eating, and mindset plan to help you reach your goals.

Naked and Silent

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Fit Moms For Life team spent 4 days in NYC gathering with about 100 other mission driven non-profits and organizations. This conference was led by a brilliant thought leader named Jonathan Fields. Jonathan recently did a blog post that really hit me hard. Even though he wrote it for a largely artistic and entrepreneurial audience, I think it will also be a powerful read for those of you looking to lead healthier, fitter, and happier lives. You can click here to see the actual blog post or read below for the copy and pasted version.

I will share my thoughts and then you can read below. If you resonate with this, I encourage you to check out our 6 week challenges starting weekly around North America meeting in homes, schools, gyms, and businesses.

1_FMFL_VulnerabilityWhat a powerful message! I know that this message resonated with me personally. How about you? Admitting we aren’t as fit, healthy, and happy as we want to be can be difficult, but vulnerability and openness can serve as powerful tools of self improvement. Allowing a space for this to happen within your life and sharing with others who are striving for the same experience, is the key to genuinely enhancing your life.  Our team at the Transformation Center puts much effort into fostering safe, supportive environments that allow for this kind of vulnerability in all our program offerings, but we have two special programs that provide ideal environments for “standing naked and silent”. Our Killer Kurves program, as well as our FM4L 6 Week Challenges (that meet in homes around the world.) are the most trans-formative programs we offer. Ready for some life enhancing work? Check these programs out!

If you’d like to be open and share with me, right now, I’d be honored to listen and guide you where I can. Let’s open up to vulnerability together and start creating the happier, healthier lives we all deserve! What if the only thing standing between you and what you want is you, but you have no idea it’s true?

Sampson: I’ve built something incredible, we’re working with world-class people and world-class clients. We’re the best at what we do, nobody can touch us. I’ve gotten us here and I’m steering this ship. I’m really smart, work insanely hard and yet, we’ve stalled. We’re not growing. I can’t see my own blind spots. Don’t know our next move. Can you help us? Can you help ME? Please, I’ll do anything.

Mentor: That depends. Are you open to receiving?

Sampson: I just asked for your help. Of course I am.

Mentor: Then, let’s begin.

+++ Months Pass+++

Sampson: Why isn’t anything changing? You said you’d help. But everything’s the same. I don’t understand.

Mentor: You came to me seeking help. You need it deeply. I was and still am open to giving it. You shared you were open to receiving it.

But your actions belie your words.

Your biggest blind spot is not the market, it’s not resources, ideas, or strategies. It is your own unwillingness to be vulnerable. To own the fact that, though you’ve gotten yourself here, at this moment in time, you don’t know what you’re doing or how to move forward. Until this changes, nobody can help you.

Sampson: But I asked you for help. How can you say I’m not vulnerable, open to receiving?

Mentor: What you ask for and what you’re open to are not the same.

I have shared ideas. I have brought others into your orbit far smarter and accomplished than I, willing and able to help. But every time we talk–you, me and them–you stop listening and instead talk over us, our ideas and offers of help. Instead of receiving, you posture. And it’s become so automatic, you have no idea you’re doing it.

Understand, you do not do this because you are rude. Not because you’re ignorant. Not because you’re incapable. You are, in fact, immensely bright, kind and capable.

You do this because what you are being offered is not coming from you.

You’ve been conditioned to believe, through no fault of your own, that you need to be the ONE who figures it all out. That if it doesn’t come from you, you will be perceived as weak. As unknowing. As incapable. This thought destroys you. You need others to feel you’re “on parity” with them.

So, instead of listening, learning and receiving, you talk. You posit. You rebuff. You revert to the illusion of strength and retreat to the blockade of false-confidence. You refuse to acknowledge the “new-ness” or validity of any proffer.

And, in doing so, you push all those who would line up to help you away without even realizing you’re doing it. You punish their arrival by raising your shield. Leaving them to bang their heads against an armor that protects you from the very thing you claim to seek. It’s incredibly frustrating to be asked for help, then refused a way to give it.

Sampson: So, are you saying all those people who have offered to help me over the years, but then abandoned me…that wasn’t about them, it was about me?

Mentor: I can’t speak for all people. But I can tell you, the people I gathered to help you who, most of whom have, using your words “abandoned” you, yes, they have all shared this reason.

When you first came to me, you acted on a moment of deep pain, you allowed yourself to be vulnerable and that led to a temporary openness to receiving help. Yet the moment it arrived, the fact that you needed it and the reality that accepting it would require you to own your own unknowing in the eyes of others terrified you. So you shut back down and defaulted to a show of bravado.

But maybe the most dangerous part is this. You don’t see it. You’re not even aware you’re doing it. So you keep asking for help. Wondering why nothing changes. And why people keep saying they’ll help, then walking away from you.

Asking and receiving are two very different things.

I know this dynamic so well. Because…

I have been you.

I am you.

I will be you again.

I am drawn to create. I am both burdened and gifted with ego. I am immensely human and sensitive. I struggle with my need to feel strong, to have all the answers and not be seen by others as “lesser.” I, too, have armor.

But I have also learned, very much the hard way…

There comes a time when you need to stand naked and silent in the room. 

To not just lower the shields, but keep them down. To own the value and truth of other peoples’ ideas and efforts. To not discount them simply because they’re not coming from you. To stand in a place of deep vulnerability, not as a show weakness, but of strength.

Sampson: So, I need to come clean to the world about where I am?

Mentor: No. Start with a single person, or a small group of people who are there for the right reasons. Who love you, respect you and want to help. It is often brutally painful to remain in this raw, exposed place long enough for true change to happen. Yet, sometimes…

Naked and silent is the place where your next better self takes root.

And where the thing you most want to grow begins to blossom. Or, in your case, come back to life.

So, I ask you again.

Are you open to receiving? To standing naked and silent?

If so, the real work begins.

If not. I wish you well.

-Jonathan Fields

Was The Biggest Loser Winner TOO Thin?

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1 BiggestUnless you tune out all media, it was hard to escape the buzz over this week’s BL winner. Rachel, 5’5, went from 260 lbs to 105 lbs in the course of the 8 months. Was The Biggest Loser winner too thin? I am not here to judge if what she did was unhealthy or not. I have read reports that she ate 1,600 calories a day and worked out up to four times each day, but who knows… I wasn’t with her 24/7 so who am I to judge.

After having worked with thousands of clients personally and helping launch Killer Kurves, a program designed specifically for those wanting to lose 50 lbs or greater, I can only comment and say what she did isn’t practical in the real world. On the ranch, everything is provided for them without any temptations. The stresses of the outside world are removed and it provides an easier playing ground to lose massive amounts of weight quickly. Please note it still isn’t EASY. Contestants have to still eat the healthy food and push their bodies further then many professional athletes train. Once the contestants go home for a the months leading up to the finale they hit the real world, but not really…

If you knew $250,000 was on the line and 50 or more million people will see you over the upcoming weeks in very little clothing, I bet you would do what it takes to lose significant weight. My hope for Rachel is that her body can balance out, she gains back the 10-15 lbs of water weight that she most likely dropped and finds balance in her life.

Over the course of the past year I have been able to get to know some “heroes,” and I would like to share a very professionally done 5 minute video that I believe will inspire you, challenge you, and motivate you to take your health up to the next level.

Watch the longer version >>> HERE

These people have gotten similar results to the BL contestants while still juggling their family, finances, kids activities, careers, and so on. They did it the right way, slow 1 Biggest2and steady with many bumps and roadblocks along the way.

One week from now the world celebrates Valentines Day. I want you to LOVE YOURSELF this week, because if you don’t love and take care of yourself, you won’t have as much love and energy to take care of anyone else.

I would love to be your “Jillian Michael” or “Bob Harper.” Whether you are looking to gain 10 lbs or lose 200, myself and my team are ready to support you in any possible way. If you don’t live within the Madison area, I invite you to click here and start your very own FM4L 6 Week Challenge. It might just be the best gift you could give your kids.

If you are within driving distance of Madison, in honor of Valentines week and client appreciation week, we are allowing anyone who hasn’t come to our programs before to attend for a free next week and give us a chance to welcome you into our family. Click here to check out the schedule and all of our locations. Saturday Feb 15th we are having a community outreach at the TC. Click here for all the free workouts and activities.

The #1 Best Way To Stay Accountable To Your Weight Loss/Fitness Goals

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I have thought long and hard about this question and after 10 years of research, and real-life observation I have come up with my answer…

The best way to stay accountable to is to help facilitate a group of people who are also looking to improve their health.  Other strategies might include a reward based system. For example, if you workout 4X per week, and don’t go to a fast food joint for the next 6 weeks you will reward yourself with a spa day. Penalty systems can be another way to go. For example you are a hard core democrat. You will give $1000 to the George W. Bush Library Foundation, if you don’t lose 10 lbs this month. These second two strategies play on the pain/pleasure receptors, which are both very powerful and can work well, but I believe the first option, facilitating a group is the most powerful.


WomenSimply put, we are good at letting ourselves down, but we will do anything we can to NOT let our friends and family down.  I have known this tendency in humans for quite sometime, but never has it become so obvious and powerful as in the past 3 months as we launched the Fit Moms 6 Week Challenges across North America (70 of them in total).  When meeting and speaking to many of the leaders their #1 reason for starting their group was to keep themselves on track and accountable.

This surprised me…

I thought they were going to say for the financial benefits (some can make over $1000), or the ability to make new friends, or to give back to their community. But it makes total sense, and that is why the leaders are getting such incredible results (so are the participants), because they are wanting to lead by example.

As we head into 2014, I would like to give you the gift of ultimate accountability and consider becoming a Fit Moms 6 Week Challenge facilitator. Not only will you begin the process of getting in the best shape of your life, you will be enriching and connecting many other women’s lives in the process and get paid for it.

That sounds like a win/win/win.

The best part is it doesn’t take much time on your part, and we have everything you need to promote and lead your group, plus you get exclusive access to myself and my team that is building up the leaders/facilitators.  My goal is to have 30 more leaders signed up by the end of the year so we can launch 100 6 week challenges early next year.

Click here to learn more and to get started

I know this can seem like a big and scary thing to do, but I will be here to hold your hand throughout the entire process.

Click here to learn more

If you have any questions regarding this program email me at dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com, and I will get back to you shortly. You don’t need to be at your ideal place, you just need to have a willingness to invite and to love on your community.